Bansko location and sightseeing

Are you looking for a lovely place to visit for you and your loved one? Are you in search of a place where you will create lovely memorable moments with your loved ones? Well, search no more because Bansko is the place to be. Bansko is a fascinating town in south-western Bulgaria, situated at the foot of the Pirin Mountains. For those who love skiing and hiking this is one tourist destination, you should not miss out. The amazing slopes of the mountains that surround this town make them an excellent choice for skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

There are amazing sites that you should not miss out on when you visit this great town. The holy trinity church is a sight to behold. The church was built in the mid-19th century when Bulgaria was under Turkish rule. For art lovers, this is the place to visit since it has unique paintings of masters. Another place you should visit is the Neoflt Rilski Museum. The building was built in the 18th century and showcases Bulgarian culture. Other amazing places to visit are Pirin street, Villanova house, st, Nikola church, and the archeological complex among others.

Where to stay when in Bansko

When you visit this amazing town do not worry about where you are going to stay because there are several classy hotels to choose from. The Chalet Jora hotel is a beautiful hotel located along Garibaldi street. The premier luxury mountain resort is a 5 star with free access to the pool and spa as well as a ski shuttle to the gondola. The Lucky Banks Aparthotel is a modern classic hotel that is located near the main road into the town. Other hotels are lucky Bansko, Kempinski Grand Arena, strazhite, chalet the forest lodge among others.

Things to do in Bansko

There are amazing activities that one can engage in while in Bansko. These activities will ensure that you create memorable moments with your friends and family. During the summer one of the most fun activities is skiing. Another joyous activity is to join the snow school method with your kids. The school is the only British snowboard and run skin school in Bansko with the highest international instructors.

If you love heights make sure you engage in hiking during the winter. The hiking is a fascinating experience with amazing views from the mountain tops. Also, engage in horse riding which is a thrilling activity. Other activities include yoga classes, partying at night, visiting the museums among others.

Importance of private airport transfers

Importantly, ensure that you book a transfer to Bansko from the airport. It is significant to note that Bansko does have an airport. Therefore, one must look for convenient transport means from Sofia airport (resource:  The five means that one can use to get to Bansko from the airport are bus, shuttle, town car, taxi, or car. These means of transport are available at the airport.

Notably, during the peak season of winter and summer when Bansko receives an increasing number of tourists, it is imperative to book a private transfer to the town. This is a convenient way and it will reduce the amount of money that you would spend at the airport looking for transport.

Also, prior to transfer from the airport to Bansko will ensure that you are not overcharged due to the high demand for transport means during the peak period. Additionally, booking a private transfer ensures comfort and assurance of safe travel to your hotel of choice in Bansko. Therefore, when planning to take a trip to Bansko ensure that you book private transfers and airport transfers to and from Bansko for convenience and comfort.

In conclusion, make a choice to visit this historic town and experience the amazing scenery as well as engage in fun activities that will leave you relaxed and refreshed. For memorable moments, ensure that you visit this great town of Bansko.