Online check printing is a secure, effective, and convenient way to process checks online. It’s widely used by banks and businesses that rely on the convenience of online banking.

Check printing has been around since its invention in 1807 by British engineer Henry Waterhouse. It was then adopted as an alternative to writing out checks by hand, which was time-consuming and prone to mistakes.

Today, checks are used for many different types of transactions, including paying bills or transferring money between accounts. They’re also still widely accepted as payment at retail stores even though most people now use debit cards instead of cash when shopping or dining out at restaurants.

Every check printing company ensures that all your payments are secure. Here is a list of reasons why online check printing is indeed a great option for secure payments.


It is easy to print checks from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. You can also choose the colors and designs that suit your business needs. The check printing service is free, so there are no fees or hidden costs involved. Customer support is available 24/7 for any questions or issues you may have about the process.


Online check printing provides better security over paper checks. The use of security features, such as watermarks and MICR encoding, enables a check to be verified at the point where it is paid. This ensures that only genuine checks are processed for payment and prevents fraudulent transactions from taking place.

Compatible With Your Banking System

You can use the checks for any bank account. The format of each check is customized based on the bank account you want to use. You can use different colors of checks, different fonts for different accounts, and even different logos for different accounts!

Easy to Order Checks and Reorder Checks

A check printing company makes it easy for you to order checks online. You can order your personal checks, business checks, or cashier’s check in just a few minutes. All you need is your bank information and account number. That’s it! Once they receive the request, they process the order within 24 hours of receiving it from our customers.

Use Multiple Account Numbers for Each Type of Check

You can use different account numbers for each type of check you want to print and order checks individually or as a set. This will allow you more flexibility when it comes time to reorder the same checks over and over again.

Compatible With Accounting Apps & Quickbooks

If you use accounting software like QuickBooks, integrating your online check printing solution is a great idea.

Benefits of integrating check printing with your accounting software:

  • Eliminate human error and save time.
  • You can upload your transactions directly from the check printer to the accounting app. For example, if you write a $500 payment on a check, enter it into the printer, then scan it with your mobile device (or enter it manually), the transaction will be automatically uploaded to QuickBooks or other accounting systems without any manual input required from your part. This eliminates human error and saves time spent on entering data manually into each accounting program separately.

Print Multicolored and Customized Checks

With a check printing company, you can order and print:

  • Multicolored checks
  • Customizable checks
  • Different designs on each check
  • Your logo on the checks
  • Multiple sizes of checks

Save Money With Free Shipping, Free Processing, and Free Tax Fees

  • Free shipping: Many of the most common options for online check printing come with free shipping. This means you won’t have to pay extra to get your checks delivered, and you can order them from any location around the world.
  • Free processing: Your business won’t have to pay processing fees at all when you use a check printing company, which will save money on top of their already low rates.
  • No tax fees: You might think that these savings would be negated by having to pay tax on any of your purchases; however, many companies that offer these services also provide tax-free shopping so that you don’t have to worry about paying it when purchasing merchandise or supplies for your business.

Wrapping Up

Online check printing helps save paper, time, and money in several ways. For example, it’s much faster than traditional methods because you don’t have to wait for someone else to print your checks. You can also save money on postage, which is usually an additional cost associated with mailing physical checks.

In addition to these benefits, online check printing offers improved security over traditional methods because there’s no risk of someone intercepting your payment information via email or snail mail before it reaches its intended recipient. The convenience of having all transactions automatically deposited into your bank account will also save you time and effort when filing taxes at the end of the year!