It is now the time of the year when you receive an invitation to your friend’s wedding lunch or dinner. In Chinese Tradition, when we receive invitations to a friend’s wedding, we nickname this as a “Red Summon”. Why is this named so has an interesting reason behind it!
Well, in Chinese Tradition, whenever we receive invitations to someone’s wedding, we are to give monetary gifts in the form of a red packet. That red packet is called Wedding Ang Bao. It is wrapped in a red package, containing a decent monetary amount that brings the blessings to the married couple.

In Chinese Tradition, giving someone money is a form of blessings. Chinese people do that all the time! In Chinese New year, which occurs at the start of every year, we wish each other “Gong Xi Fa Cai” which translates to – Hope You Get Rich! The Chinese even have a God of Fortune, which they regularly pray to for wealth prosperity.
As much as we have been discussing, there are ample reasons why wedding and bao are essential at weddings. It symbolizes many meanings, which we will be talking about it in this article! So sit back, get some notes, and you will finally understand why is it meaningful!
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So here goes!

Wedding Ang Bao is a Blessing to the Couple

As mentioned in our introductory paragraph above, in Chinese Tradition, money is a form of blessings to anyone. In any customary celebrations, we always give money that is wrapped in a red envelope which we call Ang Bao.
When we attend someone’s wedding, we will give Wedding Ang Bao to them. On much too depends on a few factors which we will be covering in the next heading.
How much to give needs to come from the heart! For al, it is the best way to tell a couple about how much they are cherished. Having said so, it also shows much you want to give your best blessings to them!

Next to note: Don’t be worried about being judged if you are unable to give a considerable amount of Ang Bao to the couple. If they are your close friends or relative, they will not feel you based on how much you give.
Remember only to give what you are comfortable, and not something that will cost you an arm or leg, or you will need to sell your liver to pay for it.
Attending a wedding needs to be a joyous event that everyone enjoys themselves. Thus, when you are coming up with your wedding ang bao, do remember that you need to give an amount that you are comfortable in giving. Don’t splurge too much on this when you can’t afford it!

How much to give in Wedding Ang Bao

The monetary amount to give depends on many factors. Some of the factors include how close are you with the couple. If you are an immediate family member, you should be giving more. If you are a close friend, you can provide somewhere in the middle, and if you are an acquaintance, you can just give based on how much your seat at your wedding cost.

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Again, how much you give needs to depend on many factors. The most important thing is it must come from your heart.

Weddings are Expensive. Ang Baos also cover costs

In Chinese Tradition, when we “treat” someone to a wedding lunch or dinner, it isn’t “treat”. The correct word to use is “Invite” for a wedding.
The reason for that is straightforward – it is a known thing that everyone needs to give a wedding ang bao to “cover” his or her cost to the seat. On average, a wedding in Singapore costs around $100+ and above per person. Thus when you are attending a wedding, do note that this is the rough amount one needs to pay.

Besides, when a couple gets married, they are probably only in their mid-twenties when they are just starting in their careers. Having a wedding to invite over 200 guests will be a massive bomb to these people.
But it is in the Chinese Tradition that the more people we invite, the better the blessings there is. Thus, by way of giving a wedding ang bao from your end goes a long way in helping the couple to lessen their burden in their once a lifetime event!

Everyone wants to have the best experience they can have when an event only occurs once in their lives, don’t they?

There are many more reasons on why Wedding Ang Baos are essential for weddings in Singapore. When we attend a wedding, we are celebrating the joyous union of a man and a woman. We should feel happy for them, especially when they are a close friend or relative of ours.

So the next time when you go to a wedding lunch or dinner, do remember that if it is a Chinese wedding, you need to bring your red packets for them. The amount might not be cheap, but it is about the price of going to a lower-tier fine dining restaurant where you will be paying your share of food.

We hope this article helped you a little on understanding the importance of wedding ang baos in Chinese traditions.

Just remember one thing – when you are attending someone’s wedding, you are giving that person your blessings. The best way to show your blessings is to follow the ethnic group’s Tradition. In Chinese, the best benefit to offer is by giving a form of wedding ang bao at the couple’s wedding.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you have a joyous time attending your best friend’s or close relative’s wedding ceremony!

Remember what we said! Enjoy yourselves and give your best blessings to the couple!

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