Salespeople are highly passionate and motivated to attain their goals. However, each sales rep has a specialty in handling different phases of the sales process. Some are remarkable prospectors with the skills to comfortably start a meaningful dialogue with prospects. Others are incredible closers as they are good at listening and sufficiently persuasive to seal a deal.

So, in a sales strategy, remarkable prospectors initiate the sales process and create a solid sales foundation. A meeting is scheduled and the incredible closer handles the deal making sure that the sale gets sealed as planned. The superpowers of two skilled sales representatives are merged to engage with qualified leads so that more deals can be sealed with B2B appointment settings.

Professionals from B2B Appointment Setting Company have a combined experience of 90 years in sales campaigns. Their state of art intelligence sales system can help to generate meaningful connections, which can drive optimal results.

What is a B2B appointment setting?

Sales strategy B2B appointment setting is a process where experienced sales representatives engage in prospecting sales process stages. The moment the initial sales rep has fixed a follow-up call with prospects the closing sales rep will take over and enable the sales process till closure.

Using a B2B appointment setting strategy in the sales development process, the business takes extra care in the prospecting stage. It ensures that they seal a deal with clients suitable for their offerings.

Three main phases of B2B appointment setting used in sales strategy


In the prospecting stage, the salesperson engages with qualified leads to evaluate where the buyer is in the purchase journey. At this point, the lead has shown interest in your brand, but the salesperson involved has to determine if the prospect is a genuine sales opportunity or not.

If the buyer is identified to become a customer then the sales rep moves to the next phase.

Appointment setting

This phase arrives only after the lead is properly nurtured and focused on closing the deal. The appointment setter works with the lead to set a time for reviewing the final proposal with a senior rep. The senior rep is a team member capable to close the deal.

The appointment setter has to be an exclusive prospector who can nurture the qualified leads and pass them forward for closure.

The prospector schedules an appointment with the qualified lead and senior sales rep who will be responsible to bring the deal to closure. The appointment setter will then start searching and rebuilding the pipeline looking for more sales opportunities.


After scheduling an appointment the senior sales rep with great negotiation skills will take over and go for closure. The closing sales rep receives highly qualified leads that are prepared to buy and discuss closing terms.

B2B appointment setting can be outsourced to a reliable firm. The professionals are capable to identify quality leads, which helps your reps to focus on retaining current customers and closing new deals. Use a scheduling tool to streamline appointment settings to avoid confusion and lose the deal at the end moment.