One of the things that Indians love is betting and gambling. Betting and gambling are one of the oldest trends in Indian civilizations. As a result, betting and gambling are extremely popular in India, and it also helps betting apps are becoming so popular in India.

And when it comes to betting, IPL is one of the top sports in India in which people actively participate in betting. But the question is why IPL 2021 betting is so popular in India?

Well, in this article I am going to answer this question only. I will be sharing some of the top reasons why IPL and cricket betting is extremely popular.

So here we go:

Quick and easy money

One of the main reasons is that it fetches quick money. There is no doubt that everyone loves money, and everyone wants to have more of it.

And online betting and gambling websites and apps, in general, attracts a lot of audiences. Because it promises a chance of making a good amount of money with no effort and in a short period of time.

Although, there is no guarantee that one will be able to make a good amount of money. But just the thought of having a chance to make a good amount of money attracts a lot of users.

Hence, people spend a lot of their money on different betting apps while having zero to no chance of winning back.

Online betting is a safe and popular option

In recent years, online IPL betting has become an extremely popular thing. Although, in India, any form of gambling and betting activity is illegal. Even if someone gets caught in gambling activities, they might have to pay some amount as a fine or spend time in prison.

But in India, different betting apps are offering Fantasy cricket, which somehow bypasses the betting laws. Also, these apps are extremely popular, and it is attracting a lot of users.

Even this is the reason why newer apps and websites are getting launched and attracting new users.

It is accessible and convenient:

As betting and gambling are illegal in most parts of India, Indians satisfy their cravings for betting by downloading apps, going online, and play and bet through different online methods.

Also, the good part is that these apps are websites that are extremely convenient to use and easy to access. One can play and bet on these apps and sites from anywhere in the world as long as you have a working and stable internet connection.

Moreover, as not everyone can go and watch an IPL match live, betting on their favorite cricket team is also a way of showing support for them. Although, a team does not get the revenue from the betting apps. But it is still a way of showing support to their favorite cricket team.

Overall, online IPL betting is also extremely convenient. By using an app, you can bet on your favorite cricket team and win real cash. Plus, you don’t need to leave your house or go anywhere to participate in gambling or betting.

You can do it on your smartphone only. Simply download any of your favorite IPL cricket betting app, and you are good to go.

Long Duration and variety

Another reason why IPL betting is extremely popular because it happens for a long duration, and we get to see a lot of varieties.

IPL continues for nearly two months, and it offers you lots of opportunities to bid in any of the matches. Even if you lose a few bets, you can still get a chance to recover it in the next IPL cricket matches.

Moreover, world-class T20 players from around the world come together under a single roof, which gives more variety. And you get to bet on the right player.

Final thoughts:

So those were a couple of reasons why IPL 2021 betting is so popular in India. The simple reason is that IPL is one of its kind of sports events. And it attracts a lot of crowds too. On the other hand, different betting apps are also active in the market. So more and more people are betting and trying their luck out.