Let’s get right to the basics—no pun intended.

Every single person no matter what your age, style of personality is like should own at least a few quality basic t-shirts

Regardless of if you choose these t-shirts to be a neutral black, white or grey shirt or have a bit of color like pink or blue, basic t-shirts are a fundamental piece of the wardrobe that you can end up wearing with everything.

In fact, the basic t-shirt is essential because it can literally go with absolutely everything else in your wardrobe. And we are going to explain all the reasons how this one item of clothing can be the common factor of making a range of exceptionally great outfits.

Here are all the reasons why your basic t-shirts go with everything.

1. They are that important baseline of an outfit

Think of the t-shirt as the base coat of paint to your masterpiece. You need that solid foundation to make everything else shine. Because these basic t-shirts are just one consistent color, they act as a base to support all your other clothing items, like that checkered jacket or grey trench coat.

2. They are extremely versatile

Your basic t-shirt will come in handy for literally every single occasion that you can think of. They are the go-to top for when you want to wear jeans. They can elevate your athletic leisure look by providing some solid color to your patterned leggings. They pair perfectly underneath your cozy cardigan or sweater. Versatility is one of the biggest strengths of a basic t-shirt.

3. They never go out of style

The basic t-shirt has proven to continually be a classic with every new fashion season. While most trends come and go, the basic t-shirt is consistent at always going with all the current looks. And one combo that never gets old is the classic blazer, t-shirt and jeans combo. Celebrities make this their go-to casual outfit when they know they will be spotted by paparazzi for a reason.

4. They offer a minimalist look

Right now, minimalism is one of the trendiest styles in the fashion world. Life is crazy enough, so it is nice to keep the wardrobe simple with just a few basic t-shirts to do most of the heavy lifting. All the fashion experts agree that when building a minimalist wardrobe, one of the founding clothing items you need are two to three solid t-shirts that can be used for everything.

5. They offer the comfort every outfit deserves

Fashion is exciting and lets you push the boundaries with different looks, but it certainly does not need to be uncomfortable. The basic t-shirt is the perfect reminder of just that, reminding us on those days when we feel like we have nothing to wear that, in fact, all it takes is a comfortable basic t-shirt to help us feel polished and put together.

6. They are great for layering

The basic t-shirt is designed for layering. You can layer your basic t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt underneath for a chill yet cozy look. Or, you can play around with different outerwear to layer over your t-shirt. This includes those knitted cardigans, blazers, winter ski jackets and your go-to sports hoodie.

7. They are easy to take care of

Another reason that the basic t-shirt goes with everything is that they are also extremely easy to take care of. This. means that the lifespan of these shirts are long-lasting and they can withstand being placed in hundreds of laundry loads before starting to fade. This is important, as it means that your basic t-shirt will give off that ‘brand new’ vibe for a long time, making it a timeless piece for your wardrobe.

8. They are affordable enough to buy multiple

While we aren’t saying that you need 50 different pairs of basic t-shirts, we are saying that they are affordable enough to get a few of the same style but in different colors or textures. This means that you can still put together the same ensemble and switch it up slightly with a different one of your basic t-shirts—offering even more opportunities for epic outfits.

If your wardrobe currently does not have a basic t-shirt, we are here to help change that as quickly as possible. The basic t-shirt goes with literally everything, meaning that you will definitely get your money’s worth out of this clothing item. From wearing it to your weekend brunch or running errands to pairing it with a power blazer for that investor meeting, you will be glad that you can rock your t-shirt in style every single day.