London is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and is home to a wide range of interesting neighbourhoods. With the river Thames flowing gracefully, living in London is a dream for millions across the globe. There is a significant growth in the population where people are seen flocking into the capital region regularly. This has led to an upsurge in the number of residential units across different boroughs in London every passing year. There are umpteen properties for sale in Marylebone, Manchester, Clapham etc., that are purchased by families and overseas investors.

 Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking for a new property to build your dream home, there are plenty of options available. Buying the first property in London can be done affordably, and there are several regions where people can save themselves money without compromising on quality. With the total number of those looking to purchase property now exceeding 2 million, it is one of the most popular destinations for those investing in property. 


Croydon is a perfect place for families and young professionals to reside. It is located close to central London and well connected to other parts of London. Croydon is sandwiched between the seaside on one side and the countryside on the other, making it an ideal region for all. This region of London has witnessed new and affordable residential developments like attractive townhouses and flats in the past decade. First-time buyers will be amused at the amenities like quality schools, spacious parks, restaurants and more.


Central Hackney is a vibrant neighbourhood among the many boroughs of London. The vibrant lifestyle, a mix of cultures, business units, entertainment and more makes Hackney a complete region. Residents of Central Hackney comprise students, families and young professionals. Multiple new builds are being launched back-to-back with the increasing demand for properties. Likewise, Georgian townhouses are lined up along the streets of Hackney. This region has active rail connectivity with other boroughs in London, where residents can commute effortlessly. 


Dulwich is the charm of southeast London and one of the best neighbourhoods with all amenities one can find in that region. Dulwich gives out village vibes and is a few miles away from central London with a blanket of greenery along the entire region. There are many beautifully constructed flats with 2 to 5 bedrooms which are popular among potential buyers at Dulwich. People who wish to have huge backyards or gardens prefer purchasing detached homes to enjoy Dulwich at their fullest.


Barking Riverside is home to several affordable residential projects that are ideal for young families, students and working professionals. People are drawn to spacious period homes like Edwardian and Victorian townhouses with backyards and gardens. There are various mortgage and loan options available for first-time buyers, widening the scope for buyers across the globe. They can approach Marylebone estate agents or other agents to get the best deals. The underground network enables people to travel to Central London and further. This busy town centre has got the best restaurants in the neighbourhood making people crave for more.


The neighbourhood of Brockley is a perfect place that offers the best community spirit for its residents. The leafy surroundings with large outdoor spaces are enough to capture anybody’s attention towards Brockley. People can see more life-sized terraced homes that are carefully constructed in this region. With modern flats alongside, there are plenty of options open for new buyers to explore the best of Brockley. The local bars, independent shops, restaurants and airy cafes are the popular leisure spots to look out for while living in Brockley.


Among the many other boroughs in east London, Newham is the most affordable place for new buyers to step into the real estate market. London’s best dining experience can be enjoyed at Newham. Most young professionals live here for an active social life and hassle-free commutation. Newham is well-connected to central London, Canary Wharf, through underground lines within five to seven minutes. Residents can find chic flats, terraced homes, contemporary townhouses with open spaces, and semi-detached homes and invest in the right property according to their requirements.


 The property market in Bexley is lower than the average property prices in London. There are smaller detached homes and spacious townhouses that are conveniently located with rail services nearby. Families moving here can find the best schools and get to live in the safest boroughs. With theatres, artistic activities and historical hotspots, Bexley provides almost everything.