Humans are restless creatures. With the ability to think, humans always try to keep themselves busy with something or the other. Similarly, the body needs a significant amount of rest for normal functioning to keep itself healthy. However, people are facing problems during their sleep which results in snoring. It can thus be disturbing to you and your partner. Did you know that more than 15% of the people who have a habit of snoring also have obstructive sleep apnea? Worry not, if you face the same problem then this can be treated easily.

What makes a man snore?

Snoring happens due to the vibration of the soft palate. When the air travels between the nose and the throat, the back of the tongue or the soft palate vibrates because of the air, hence the sound while sleeping. This structure is supported when you are awake, but the structure falls against the back of the throat due to the resting position. There are many other reasons for snoring, like medications, nasal congestion, respiratory infection, and even alcohol. 

Snoring can also affect the sleep of the person. Often the person snoring does not get a sufficient amount of sleep. However, this depends from individual to individual. Snoring disturbs not just the person but also the partner sleeping beside the person. Snoring and lack of sleep have become a social problem over the years as many people worldwide face this problem. 

Snoring is generally a breathing pattern where the body struggles to keep the structure intact. However, there are often problems regarding when a person should consider getting sleep apnea treatment for sleeping and snoring. In general, the treatment for snoring may vary. Few treatments can be used like:

  1. Continuous positive airway pressure: This is recommended for people having moderate sleep apnea. This way, the person gets an additional airway pressure that maintains the balance and structure of the body. The mask is often irritating but ensures a good sleep without snoring.
  2. Oral appliances: Other oral appliances can also be used to keep the throat open and avoid snoring.
  3. Other airway pressure devices: Other airway pressure devices are also available and recommended by doctors to avoid snoring and peaceful sleep.

When is the right time to visit ENT Clinic for snoring and sleeping?

The right time to visit an ENT Clinic is when you have some chronic issue related to your Ear, Nose, or Throat. The possible concerns about sleep apnea are when you have trouble sleeping. If the snoring is affecting your sleep and it has turned out into a chronic issue, visiting an ENT clinic is a must. Even if you are facing difficulty in breathing while sleeping, then also it is suggested to visit an ENT. Some of these problems can be serious and might require surgery, but these are rare conditions, and you need not worry about the same, so rest assured.