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If you’re planning for a move and you’re thinking of hiring a moving company, you should make yourself ready for the substantial expense that will be followed in the process. This expense you have to give it by yourself, you need to be prepared for the forthcoming expenses coming your way.

You heard it right, moving to a new house that can never be easy and fewer expenses, you have to spend a hefty amount of money on many things that are related to relocating.

So, there are some of the moving costs that are in front of you which are visible and costs that you can see clearly but to make things more complicated and worse there are some costs which are hidden but are so important that can hamper your financial condition and the entire budget. There are a plethora of hidden costs that you should consider while you’re preparing your moving cost budget, it will depend on your type of move I.e long-distance move or local move. The financial constraints will depend on the same. Here, we are sparing no efforts to make a proper list of 10 hidden costs that are present when you hire a moving company.

1. The hidden cost in Packing

When you think about shifting from one place to another, the first thing that comes to your mind is that you need to pack a lot of stuff altogether. While thinking of packing, you always have two options in your head: either ask professional help and helping hands such as friends or hire a professional packing mover. If you’re on a tight budget and you wanna save money, you will choose the option that is DIY packing, but while choosing this remember you have to buy all the essentials by yourself such as packing tape, boxes, sliders, etc. This can act as a hidden cost while you’re moving.

2. Extra charges on heavy items

You’re all set to go into your new home, you’ve hired a moving company and they are set to shit things. And suddenly, your entire budget gets disturbed when your mover says that they will charge extra fees for lifting all the bulky materials. And here your budget got a strain. It can steel material or if you have a piano then they will eventually ask for a good hefty amount as an extra fee.  This will be hidden costs that you have not planned in your budget.

3. Stairs extra charge

There is a term used for an extra charge which is also a hidden cost, known as Elevator Change. If you’re moving in or out in an apartment that has more floors than ever imagine, these are chances that your moving company may ask for elevator change fees. In case, the elevator is loaded or not working and the movers have to carry all your stuff down the stairs, then they would ask you for the extra charge for carrying too much extra load.

4. Extra distance fees

Moving is not an easy process, it is one of the most strenuous processes. Also, it is one of the expensive processes and the expenses keep on adding when the process starts. There is another type of hidden cost which is a truck charge, in this if the truck driver didn’t get the place to park the truck in front of the apartment or destined flat then the movers will charge extra fees for carrying the load too far. The truck charge will be directly proportional to the distance. Many companies in San Diego offer to move services, Local Moving companies San Diego.

5. Last-minute cancellation

Now every other moving company asks for the down payment or deposit for the security purpose that the move will take place when it is scheduled to be. If any case the clients disagree with the agreement and cancels or changes the dates of the scheduled move. Then in no case, they will give back the deposited money. Also, they can charge extra money for the rescheduled move as per their agreement.

6. Storage fees

While counting the expenses, don’t forget to add one more expense and hidden costs which is known as Storage fees. Moving is an expensive task to do, while you’re ready to shift in your new home, your home may not be ready. In that case, you need to keep your things safe in a safe place. You can ask your moves for the same, but they will charge extra fees in the bane of Storage fees.

7. Delivery charge

If you want to get all your household items as quickly as possible, you can ask. Your movers about the same. They can give you extra leverage on that and they will deliver before the scheduled time also they will charge extra fees for the same.

8. Travel fees

This is somewhat of a special kind of fee that local companies or long-distance companies charge from their customers. The travel fee is nothing more than a distance movers take from the office to the client described house.

9. Extra stops

This is something that you may never hear of it, moving companies do charge a fee called extra stops. This will depend on how much stops you take in between the process. The more stops you will take, the extra charge they will take. Also, the entire extra fee-charging system will be dependent on your moving company tariff. This can be considered as a new type of hidden costs.

10. Furniture fee

When you’re taking out some material from your house, it may seem that your moving company may charge extra fees on carrying the material especially your furniture because this is one thing that needs to be disassembled first and then only you can carry it. This can charge an extra penny though. All the points will solely be dependent on the fact that whom you’re hiring for the process. It will depend upon the moving company.