If a tooth is badly injured or missing, one needs to treat it with a dental reconstruction, which includes a crown; or may need to extract the tooth. Additionally, since affected teeth cannot erupt correctly, they will need to be removed. Patients who require orthodontic surgery to correct excessive crowding would need a tooth removed to make sufficient room for the smile to be straightened.

Although the causes could be obvious or unknown complications that only x-rays will show, on average, 25% of patients treated may need tooth extraction as part of their recovery plan. As a fact, in particular, you will realize the specific case, but for now, remember the most common causes for tooth extraction, how all this strengthens a smile, and the easiest ways to brace oneself or their kid for tooth extraction.

Correct protruding teeth: When you feel your front teeth start to bulge or stand out, it impacts the person’s profile, voice and can even contribute to bullying. Teeth protrude from one side, causing the lips to protrude. The front teeth can indeed be pushed back into a comfortable straight line by eliminating overcrowding at the back.

Increase stability: It requires the experience and expertise of an orthodontist to decide the correct alignment to aid in the proper development of rising jaws. There must be enough space available for the teeth to become completely stable, and one must remove any forces pulling everything out of place. Tooth extraction allows for the achievement of recovery objectives while also safeguarding the outcomes.

Fractured Tooth: A dentist will attempt to repair a tooth that has been affected by trauma (food, burns, or decay) using fillings, crowns, and root canals. However, in some circumstances, the damage is too significant, and you need a tooth extraction process to avoid infection and any further decay. Fractures may also occur below the gum line, making them more challenging to treat without surgery. If your kid has a fractured tooth, you must rush to care for the kid’s pediatric dentistry immediately. 

Crowding: Your mouth’s arch can become too narrow, preventing your teeth from fitting correctly. This or the appearance of other teeth could be caused by an impacted wisdom tooth tucked beneath the gums. If the teeth are not perfectly aligned, they can drift out of alignment and collide, causing tooth root damage. When you are facing a crowding problem, you must visit emergency dentistry Manchester NH

Gum disease: Gum problem causes the gums as well as the teeth’ supporting bones. The gum tissues have been inflamed and reddened. If the swelling is limited to the soft gum tissues, it needs immediate treatment but, if it is severe, the entire gum and bone tissue would be affected. They might be unable to provide further protection for the teeth, resulting in the teeth being loose. Spaces or isolated areas can indeed be found in the areas around the teeth, which can attract bacterial behavior and allow the infection to worsen. Pain is not encountered often and therefore goes untreated, which is one of the reasons this illness syndrome goes unnoticed.

In some instances, bleeding can be visible, but it will eventually cease as the disease progresses. This disease occurs by plaque accumulation on the gum lining. If left untreated, the whole tooth would be lost. Cleaning the teeth will eventually improve, but dentists will extract the damaged teeth to avoid the loss of all other teeth.

Orthodontic Reasons: Too many teeth crowded together will compromise the roots and integrity of other teeth. When teeth are straightened by orthodontic therapy, there would not be enough space for all of them to match. If that were the case for your teeth, the orthodontist would most likely prescribe one or two tooth extractions.

Trauma or accident: Oral damage may trigger by accidents, spills, or sports-related injuries. The majority of the injuries are minor, such as teeth chipping or breaking. However, in some cases, the impact of the collision causes teeth to become dislodged. X-rays are often used by dentists to determine the degree of injury through dental exams. X-rays are the only way to see any damages. The goal is to save the teeth if possible, but tooth replacement might be necessary if the teeth are causing inflammation in the oral cavity. It is not appropriate to jeopardize your oral and dental hygiene.

Adults may prepare for tooth repair alternatives, including dental implants, bridges, or dentures after teeth removal. Kids, on the other hand, may have room maintainers to keep the distance open such that adult teeth can develop.

If you think your kid might need a tooth extraction, schedule an appointment with one of our caring dentists at care for kids pediatric dentistry today. We’d be delighted to talk about your questions and solutions with you today so that we can prepare for a positive result.