An office set-up is not much different from a school. There will always be people in your office who would want to move forward by sabotaging others. There is nothing wrong in trying to perform the best, or to be ambitious; the problem only arises when the competition gets out of hands. At times an employee might get wrongfully accused of a mistake that he did not do, by a fellow employee or the management. In a situation like this, it is not uncommon to lose composure and act rather impulsively. Here are a few tips on how to deal with such an unprecedented situation positively.

Calm as a Cucumber: It is easy to get bothered when you are accused of something that you did not do. The goal now is to stay calm all the time. You must not react negatively as that very behavior might be an excuse for the management to throw you out of the company. Your behavior should not let others an opportunity to single you out.

                  It is wise to physically leave a situation when you feel the anger is bursting inside, but you cannot control the outcome. Take deep breaths and only speak when you have full control over your actions.

                 Ask the accuser to produce legal documents or evidence of the deed. No one can get away with wrong claims in the workplace as it is considered as harassment. Even if they provide doctored proof against you, do not be intimidated and lose your temper.

                  There might be various reasons that may lead to a police arrest. Do not lose hope and succumb to depression. False claims are not uncommon in corporate sectors. When you are in the police custody, opt for bail to get out. If you need aid with the amount to be paid off, you can always contact a bondsman and select specific bail bonds.

The Source: At times, there are no confrontations, but you hear rumors in the office. Someone is bad-mouthing you all over the department, and you do not comprehend who it is. In such a case, it is wise to try and find the source of the rumor and know the motive behind spreading such lies. Some people are good at spreading rumors without proving them.

                  Tell your colleagues that the rumors are disrespectful and untrue. They should not let such gossip ruin the reputation, since there is no concrete evidence to back up the claim.

                  Complain to the HR regarding the matter. Let them know that the management must ensure a safe working environment for the employee.

There are different types of workplace harassment that employees are subjected to in the workplace. Spend time online to learn more about the rights and duties of employees regarding such scenarios. Do not let anyone get the best of you. It is mandatory to be prepared for handling uncomfortable situations. Have a lawyer’s number handy to get out of messy situations when needed.