Is your garage door not functioning properly and it is giving you a massive headache?  Do not sweat it, we have all been there. Having a garage door that is not working is so frustrating because you have enough things to worry about in your daily life.

Before you Google your hometown professionals like “garage door repair in Alexandria, VA”, there are some quick fixes that could try to save you the time and money of hiring a professional at that moment.

Even if you are going to need to call them in the near future, maybe there are some quick fixes that you could check. If it saves you some time in the short term, then it is a win in our book. Keep in mind that if something seems to be seriously wrong, then do not even waste your time with this checklist because you are going to need a professional.

Check for Loose Screws or Bolts

The brackets that hold the rollers for your garage door are assembled with screws and bolts. If you have not had any maintenance recently, then they could be loose and causing your problems. If you can see a bolt that is not tight or missing, then you know that is the problem.

Simply just tightening up the hardware could make a difference in the short term. If you are not handy at all, then you might not want to even mess with this step and risk messing up any of the hardware. If you are confident in your skills, then it could be worth a shot.

Clean Your Rollers

Dirt, dust, and other residue will get in the tracks and rollers over time. You could just have a case of a worn-out track or roller that just needs cleaning because there are things like dirt in its way.

If you notice that they are filthy with things in the track, then you might have found your problem even without a professional. A simple wipe down or using a lubricant could get your rollers and tracks back to normal and fixing your garage door.

Make Sure Nothing is Blocking Transmitters

The last tip might be the easiest fix of all time to a garage door. If you are not paying attention, there could be something that the laser is catching on the way down and making the garage door not work.

Even something like a leaf on the ground could cause the lasers to sense it and not let the garage door work properly. Make sure that the area between the two transmitters is clear and free of anything blocking its path.

If you found this post helpful and think that it could temporarily fix your garage door problems in the future, then please share it. Remember, if you have no handy skills or are in doubt, then always call a professional because it is worth it in the end.