Accidental falls are the most significant cause of industrial mishaps worldwide. You need to install proper equipment and systems to protect your workers at heights. But, before you install industrial removable railings for safety, understand how these safety railings work and how to buy them.

Why Do Businesses Install Industrial Removable Railings?

To keep your industrial workplace OSHA compliant, you will need industrial removable railings. A safety railing is essential to prevent employee injury and accidents from hazards present in the workplace. A removable railing works the same way a permanent railing does. However, it also allows you to change its position as and when required, thus providing additional flexibility.

Does Your Business Need Guardrails?

Guardrails help in preventing or deterring access to any dangerous or off-limit area in the workplace. When used on rooftops or edges of ramps and runways, guardrails help in preventing fall-related injuries. For any hazardous working environment, fall protective equipment such as guardrails is a necessity.

  • Using guardrails for your business not only ensures the safety of your workers but helps you avoid legal consequences as well. Under OSHA guidelines, if a worker takes a nasty fall due to the employer’s neglect, the employer becomes liable.
  • Lawsuits also cost a lot to the company financially. To resolve the issue, you will need to hire lawyers, and legal fees can be expensive. Additionally, you may also need to financially compensate the worker if they were injured at work, adding to your burden.
  • Legal action pursued by a worker can also damage your reputation. After all, no one wants to work for an employer who does not take care of their employees. Additionally, consumers may not be favorable to your business if they learn that you neglect employee safety.

What Are OSHA Guidelines for Industrial Removable Railings?

OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for ensuring regulation and maintenance of employee safety practices in the workplace. Hence, they have ensured safety guidelines that necessitate the use of safety guard rails. OSHA has provided the following safety precautions

  • Employers must ensure the use of guardrails to prevent workers from falling to a lower level and sustaining fall-related injuries.
  • The top of the guardrail edges, or its equivalent, should be 42 inches (add or subtract 3 inches) above the walking level of the guardrail. If the safety rail meets all other requirements, the top edge may be higher than 45 inches.
  • Safety rails should have a smooth surface to prevent injuries such as lacerations and avoid catching on clothing.
  • Guardrails should withstand at least 200 pounds in an outward or downward direction.
  • Mesh, mid-rails, and other vertical equipment should handle at least 150 pounds.
  • If the workplace has holes, guardrails need to be installed all around it to prevent any fall-related injuries.
  • For ramps or runways, guardrails need to be installed on every unprotected side.
  • For passage of material, no more than two openings should be made on the guardrail system.
  • Ropes used for the guardrail system should be tested for adequate safety

You can find more detailed instructions on OSHA’s official website. Keep these guidelines in mind to ensure a compliant and safe workplace.

What Are the Benefits of Industrial Removable Railings?

Safety railings may be permanent or removable. However, most businesses install industrial removable railings for safetyand operations because they provide various advantages over fixed guardrails. What benefits do removable railings offer?

Easy to Install

Removable railings are easier to install. Sliders can be quickly fastened into place, and affixing the brackets is easy as well. Depending on your needs, the railings may come in different shapes and sizes, making it easier for you to customize your safety railing.

More Flexibility

The greatest advantage of removable guardrails is their flexibility. All guardrails offer safety, but fixed guardrails may cause delays when workers need to move objects.

Removable guardrails not only offer safety but help save time when objects need to move around as well. You can adjust their position to ensure your path is obstacle-free!

Added Safety

Removable guardrails help ensure safety in your workplace at any time. They can be easily moved to a different part of the workplace, ensuring that you are prepared for any surprises. With these guardrails, you are always prepared to safeguard your employees.

Guardrails are crucial for a business and help ensure employee safety. Industrial removable guardrails for safety offer numerous benefits for business and are excellent fall protection equipment. Investing in guardrails helps prevent fall-related injuries and fatalities at work to a great extent.