Moving can be such an exciting time, but as you prepare to relocate, you may realize that it is also quite stressful and expensive. Moving is time-consuming and can be incredibly costly as well. In the midst of all of your daily responsibilities, you have to deal with packing and figuring out how to transport everything you own.

To help simplify the process of moving, many people turn to a professional mover. But of course, a professional mover comes with a price tag. Once you’ve made the decision that you need the help of a mover, you’ll immediately start worrying about price. “What should I expect movers’ prices to be in Oklahoma?”

Read on to find out.

The Average Cost of Hiring a Mover

The first thing to consider about the cost of the mover is the average. Of course, the cost will vary based on the factors we explain, but understanding the average cost is a good place to start. First, there are two ways movers can charge, hourly or flat rate. For hourly rates, the typical range is $25-$35 per hour. Hiring more movers will cost an additional of $25 on average. The time it takes to complete your move will impact the total cost. Most likely, the smaller your home, the faster they move, and the less expensive it will be. Essentially, hiring a mover will most likely cost between $300 and $1,500 depending on the size of the move.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Hiring a Mover

As you can see, the average cost of hiring a mover has a huge range. That is because there are so many different factors that determine the price of hiring the mover. Here are some of the top considerations that will impact how much it costs to hire a mover:

  • The size of the move
  • The distance of the move
  • How many movers you need
  • How long the move takes
  • The difficulty of moving
  • Time of year (summer pricing is higher because it’s peak season)
  • Moving date (middle of the week vs weekend)
  • Specialty items
  • Additional costs for added services
  • Your location

Get a Price Estimate in Your City

The only way to know what you should expect to pay in your specific city for your move is to consult a professional mover. You should shop around for several movers to compare price quotes before choosing a mover. Make sure you describe the details of your move, ask about pricing options, and inquire about additional fees.

A top professional moving company will pride itself on being affordable and trustworthy. They will work with you to ensure that your move is smooth and affordable. They make sure to get all the information they need upfront so that you can count on an accurate estimate. They can tell you exactly what to expect for your moving quote.