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Both may appear similar, but they are not the same. Buying prescription drugs online from a retail pharmacy that has an online store is not the same as buying from a pharmacy that only operates online.

There are many walk-in pharmacies today that operates an online pharmacy. You can refill your prescription medication using their web stores for ease and convenience. Pharmacies like PricePro Pharmacy and other big names fall within this category. Unless you are not satisfied with the services/ reputation of your local pharmacy, purchasing the drug from their website is safe. Ensure you have the correct web address when purchasing prescription medications from them.  Rogues often set up fake websites that look similar to genuine pharmacies.

Other mail-order pharmacies are affiliate to insurance companies that take care of large orders. Mail-order pharmacies help to cut down the prices of drugs for insurers. In most cases, you need to make your purchase from them through your insurance company to enjoy discount prices. They are safe to purchase from and they make it easier to get drugs when a walk-in pharmacy is difficult to find.

There are other cases where a pharmacy claims to operate solely online and is not affiliate to any physical office. Purchasing from these types of pharmacies can be potentially risky. The majority of them are not certified. Many rogue pharmacies operate under the cover of a pharmacy online to target unsuspecting patients.

Legal and Safe Ways to Buy prescription Drugs Online

If your aim of buying prescription medication online is to cut down on the price, you may want to use an insurance company. Most insurance companies use the co-pay method or other payment formulas to help their clients make payments for drugs easier.

It is essential to check your with your insurance company before proceeding to purchase your prescription medication. Most insurance companies have affiliations with specific mail-order pharmacies.

In case your insurance company does not provide a mail-order pharmacy, you might check the website of your local pharmacy, especially the place where you initially buy your prescription drugs. You will likely be able to purchase prescription medications from their website. Also, you can buy prescription drugs when you visit PricePro Pharmacy online with a doctor’s prescription.

There are also other legal and safe ways to purchase prescription medications online. Always request for a VIPPs seal before proceeding to purchase from any online pharmacy. A VIPPs seal shows that a company is duly registered and certified to practice in the country they operate.

Many legal online pharmacies employ the services of a registered pharmacist. Verified online pharmacies will readily provide you with a physical office address where you can walk-in for physical verification.


While the risk of rogue pharmacies remains, there are still genuine pharmacies like PricePro Pharmacy that you can trust for quality drugs. However, you need to obtain a doctor’s prescription when you visit PricePro Pharmacy for prescription drugs. It is always safer and legal to deal with certified online pharmacies.