Although vinyl fences are growing in popularity, many homeowners are still choosing to install wood fences on their property. Wood fences are easy to repair, are more economical than vinyl fences, and are also customizable. If you are considering a wood fence, a wood stockade fence may be the right fence for you.

What is a Stockade Fence?

Stockade fence is a high fence composed of contiguous or closely spaced, usually pointed stakes or posts.

A stockade fence consists of wood boards placed tightly next to each other; there is no gap between the boards of a stockade fence. Typically, the tops of the stockade fence pickets are pointed.

Material options include:

  • Spruce stockade fence: Less expensive than cedar, pressure treated spruce works in repelling pests.
  • Cedar stockade fence: Cedar is a natural bug repellent and warps less than pine. Cedar also tends to be rot-resistant (not rot-proof) which makes this a much longer lasting material.
  • Pressure treated stockade fence: Pressure treated fences (pine and spruce) are the most economical of the wood options. They also are treated with pesticides to help damaging bugs such as termites.

Benefits of Stockade Fence

Stockade fences offer many benefits to those who choose this option. The first benefit is that these fences do offer much more privacy than a typical picket fence or even a chain link fence. Because the boards are placed tightly, there are no gaps for prying eyes. A stockade privacy fence is ideal for families with dogs or young children who like to play outside.

Second, due to the nature of a wood fence, stockade fences are easy to repair. If one section is damaged, the whole fence doesn’t need to be replaced. In fact, even just one board can be replaced. Not only are they easier to repair, but they are also less expensive to repair than other types of fences.

Third, stockade fences cost less to install than vinyl or ornamental fences. Although, note that wood fences must be stained or painted somewhat regularly to maintain their appearance. This, however, can also be an advantage. If you want to change up the look of your yard, you simply change your paint or stain color – no need to redo your whole fence for a little makeover.

Here are more of the benefits of Stockade Fence

With the right fence, you can expect years of protection, privacy and value. The traditional beauty and affordability of wood is a primary reason it has held strong as a popular fencing material. A properly designed, finely crafted and skillfully installed wood fence takes on an individual quality all its own. And when matched to the style of your house and grounds, it will enhance your home’s appearance and add to its value.

Wood fencing can also be constructed in a wide range of styles. Research your design options to get the most value for your money and the right fence for your needs.

  1. Wooden fences are affordable and durable. Because wood is natural and abundant, the price of wood fencing stays reasonably low as compared to things like wrought iron, aluminum, or vinyl. When a wood fence is professionally installed and properly maintained, it can last for decades and remain attractive.
  2. Maintaining a wooden fence is simple. With simple soap and water, you can keep your fence clean, and by treating it with paint, stain, or water repellant you can protect it from damage. If a panel becomes warped or damaged, it’s easy to repair by replacing individual boards.
  3. The variety of wooden fences available is nearly endless. You can choose from pine, spruce, cedar, cypress, or redwood, painted or stained in the color of your choice. Since regular repainting or staining is a smart way to maintain your fence, you could conceivably change the color every year! What’s more, fences come in styles like board on board, split rail, picket, paddock, shadowbox, stockade, and many more, and can be customized to be the right height and width for your property. Because it’s so versatile, wooden fencing can complement just about any setting.
  4. Wooden fencing is environmentally friendly. Because it’s a renewable resource, wood is a good option for those who are eco-conscious. What’s more, there is an increasing number of treatments that can protect wooden fences from rot and pests, yet are environmentally-friendly.
  5. A wooden fence can increase your property value. Wood fences provide security and privacy, which are both appealing to home buyers. What’s more, wooden fences can keep your kids and pets safe and make your yard more enjoyable to use, which increases your property’s value for you for as long as you live in the house.

About the Author Axle Boris

Axle Boris the founder and President of FenceFast Ltd grew up on a cattle ranch in British Columbia’s Northern Interior. After having spent several summers working for his father custom fencing as a youth years later in 1998 he started AB Custom Fencing in the BC interior.