Communications are advancing and modernizing at a remarkable rate thanks to new technologies. IP telephony is one of them and, despite being a technology with many years, in recent times it has had a significant boom. But what is IP telephony and what advantages can it offer to a company?

IP telephony is one of those technologies that have advanced and improved communications, so much so that more and more companies and even individuals make use of it due to the many advantages it offers compared to traditional telephony.

Due to the importance and rise in use and implementation that IP telephony has had in recent years, where the Internet has a lot to do with it, it becomes essential to know what it really is and what benefits it can give to companies or individuals who decide to bet on this technology.

IP Telephony, what you should know

IP telephony, also known as VoIP or Voice IP is the telephony that you always know, but through the Internet. It is the technology that brings together voice and data communication in the same network that is based on the IP protocol.

As you can see, the Internet is very present and that is one of the fundamental aspects of IP telephony. In fact, the Internet makes it possible for voice to circulate in digital format, instead of using the conventional telephone lines that you already know.

Due to the use of the Internet, IP telephony, although it is not exempt from some other inconvenience, has numerous advantages that make many businesses have decided to implement this system, we list some of them:

  • Cost reduction: possibly one of the most important reasons why many businesses consider switching to or have already switched to IP telephony. Anything that is saving is welcome and this is precisely one of the great advantages.
  • Talk from anywhere: another important advantage of IP telephony is that you can make a call from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection, ideal for those who travel a lot or even for companies that can move from place to place.
  • High possibilities: with IP telephony you can associate a single number with multiple devices, something that has its advantages. In addition, you can add multiple aspects, such as different welcome announcements in any fully personalized language, music on hold, call recording.

Services that other operators would charge separately, with some IP telephony services they will be free, such as the possibility of repeating calls, returning them, calling 3 and even caller identification services or calls waiting.

As you can see, IP telephony offers a multitude of advantages to individuals and companies, but they are not the only ones since, among other benefits, it is easy to install, improves customer support and is not even obsolete since updates and updates are always available.

What do you need for IP Telephony?

Knowing the different advantages, but also taking into account the disadvantages (vulnerable to blackouts, viruses, etc.) of switching to IP telephony in a company, if you are determined to adopt this technology you need the following:

Something important is that you will need an operator or service to provide you with a virtual telephone and line. For example, the OMNIVIGIL service offers individuals the possibility of buying a virtual number from Spain to connect your PC, virtual switchboard and even mobile that is compatible with the SIP protocol.

They are direct telephones in different cities and with a price of only 1.8 euros per month with a free connection fee, the lowest cost that you can find now. 

With OMNIVIGIL numbers you will have at your disposal a virtual switchboard with different options (personalized greeting, call recording, etc.) and reception of incoming calls over the Internet totally free.

Once you buy this number, in just 5 minutes you can have a “virtual office” open in that city. You have the possibility, among others, of diverting calls made to that number to your phone number.

The call diversion is used precisely to connect the calls of the IP and traditional telephony through the server that, although the client does not have access to the Internet, can receive the calls at the configured number.

If you have a business and you are considering the implementation of IP telephony, but you are looking for a quality and affordable service, OMNIVIGIL offers rate packages for small and large companies. In total, it offers 3 types of rates.