Despite being a new craft, the popularity of diamond painting skyrocketed during the recent few years. This Asia originated art gained a large number of DIY enthusiasts once introduced in the markets of Europe and North America. It is simple, and more importantly a fun craft to do and that is what makes it such a great hobby.

What is diamond painting?

As the name suggests, Diamond Painting Kits should have something to do with diamonds or painting. Ironically, that is not the case. Primarily, diamond painting is the art of applying resin rhinestones onto a canvas which when fully covered, makes for a shimmering piece of art. It is pretty much similar to diamond cross stitch. The best thing about diamond painting is that it is not a difficult task to do – not even for beginners. You just have to start with your first painting and as you continue, you will notice that the picture has started to come together.

The Kit:

Every project comes with a kit that includes all the materials you need to start your first project.

The Canvas: It is a chart coded with numbers and colors, covered with an adhesive layer that allows the diamonds to stick on it with ease. These canvases are available in a wide range of measurements, however, beginners are advised to start with a smaller canvas, so that it is less detailed and not a lot of trouble to complete.

The Pen: It is more of an applicator tool that is used to stick the tiny beads of diamonds onto the canvas. It is of similar shape to a regular pen which gives it such a firm grip. The tip of the pen is hollow- this is where the wax goes.

The Wax: It is filled into the applicator tool and used to stick the diamonds on it. It is due to the wax that the applicator tool works as a diamond magnet.

The Tray: Diamonds are poured into the tray. Shaking the tray makes the diamonds face side up, so they are easier for you to pick.

The Diamonds: These are the tiny resin rhinestones, available in a lot of different colors, as per the theme of your project. These diamonds also come in two different shapes- Round and Square. The round drills are preferred by beginners as they are easy to pick up while the square drills are used by regular painters as they are more complicated to apply but appear to be a lot tidier.

How to make a diamond painting? 

The process of diamond painting is pretty simple and self-explanatory. At first, you will need a clean, hard surface for laying the canvas straight. Pour a packet of single-colored diamonds into the tray and give them a little shake. Then, dip the applicator tool into the wax multiple times so that the wax lasts for a few drills.

You can now start applying the diamonds to the canvas but make sure that you work on a small area at a time so that the adhesive layer does not wear out. Continue the process until the painting is completed. Once you are done, you could either store it with your collection of Diamond Painting Art Tools & Kits or attach a wooden frame to it and hang it on a wall of your living room. You could also gift it to a loved one because a handcrafted piece of art sure says a lot.

Health Benefits:

Now that we are done talking about the basics, let me tell you about the benefits diamond painting brings:

  1. It Exercises The Brain: Diamond painting is a hobby that requires quite a lot of time and attention. The repetitive process and focus on minute details involve a lot of brain activity which not only improves our attention span but helps to keep our mind active.
  2. Reduces Anxiety and Stress: The good thing about such DIY crafts is that they do not involve screens or technology hence, giving us a break from it. The vibrant colors, beautiful themes, and the sense of satisfaction after completing a project improves our mental health altogether.
  1. Refines Motor Skills: The continuous process of picking up the tiny diamonds and placing them onto the canvas on their respective spots, through their corresponding numbers enhances hand-eye coordination, refining our motor skills.
  1. Promotes Creativity: Working on such DIY projects makes us much more innovative, expands our mental capabilities, and provides us with a creative outlet.
  1. Teaches Discipline: Diamond painting requires a considerable amount of patience and dedication. Doing such a methodical exercise increases the scope of better learning habits in general.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Straighten Your Canvas Beforehand – One of the most annoying things that happen while painting is that the canvas keeps rolling over, messing up the area you have been working on. To avoid that, place your canvas under something heavy like a mattress or a paperweight to straighten it out.
  • Remove The Air Bubbles – Before you start with your project, make sure that you get rid of the tiny bubbles in your canvas. You can use a small blade or a pin, but be careful and try not to damage the canvas.
  • Use A Light Pad – Place a LED light pad under the canvas to reduce eye strain. It can also help to focus on your Diamond Art Painting.
  • Place The Diamonds Gently – Don’t apply too much force while sticking the diamonds onto their spots or they’ll get the wax stuck on them. And even if they do, make sure that you wipe it off properly.
  • Use Square Drills – They snap perfectly into their spot without any gaps. This will make your painting shine even more and will give it a neat look.
  • Use 5D Diamonds – 3D or 5D refer to the number of facets each diamond has, and a more faceted diamond will cause more light to reflect. So you could use 5D diamonds to add shine to your art.
  • Organize – Store the leftover supplies in an organized manner. You could also let your artistic side out and use the remaining diamonds to decorate notebooks, bottles, pen holders, and mugs, etc.