In modern times writing cheques is no longer a common thing as the majority of people rely on credit cards, direct debit and cash to make the payments in everyday life. While excluding a small percentage of people who have only written and used cheques for paying a monthly rent. But whether you are setting up direct deposit, online bill pay or a money transfer account, it is crucial for you to know from where you could find your account number and bank’s abound credit union routing number.

So we start with knowing what a Abound credit union routing number is, where can you find the number, and when do you use the routing number.

What exactly is the abound credit union routing number?

An abound credit union routing number refers to the nine-digit code that American banks use for identification. It is also known as the Routing Transit Number (RTN) or American Bankers Association (ABA) routing number. These routing numbers are used on everything from paper cheques to automated & online wire payments, both domestically as well as internationally.

The routing numbers are needed by the US Federal Reserve Banks as they use them to process electronic transfers that are known as Fedwire transfers. It is also used by the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to process direct deposits, bills, salaries, pension payments, and other automated transfers.

For all those who have a US bank account, will find your routing number on the bottom of any cheque, which is towards the left of your account number or in your account details within the secure area of your online bank. These numbers are not confidential so you do not have to worry about keeping it safe. Usually, you can find your bank’s routing number with a quick Google search.

How can you find your account number on a cheque?

Whether it is a personal or a business cheque, the account number is the long string of numbers, which is in the middle of the bottom of your cheque. The placement of the account number on a cheque could vary depending on your bank, but maximum chances are that the account number on your cheque will be in the diagram.

You might also need to find the checking account number on your cheque in case someone has asked your account number with the purpose of transferring money. Or you may need the account number to set up direct deposit for your paycheck at work. Getting an idea where to find your bank account number on your cheques comes in handy. The account number appears on each of your cheques in an easy-to-find location is a good reason to keep your cheque book safe and secure.

When exactly do you need to use a routing number?

Abound Credit Union Routing Number is imperative while you are making payments to or from a US bank account. You will require the 9-digit routing number of that account to make it successful. In case you are making a domestic transfer within the US, you will just need the routing numbers for each account. And if you are making an international transfer to or from the US, you will require the US bank’s routing number and the SWIFT code.

Banks use different routing numbers for different types of transaction. What it means is that the routing number printed on your cheque might not be the one you require for a wire transfer or Direct Debit. For instance – It is for this reason it is recommended to thoroughly check the routing number with the bank prior to making any kinds of payments or transfers, as using the wrong one can have a serious impact with delaying the process.

Some key facts about the Abound Credit Union Routing Number:

  • Keep the Clear Currency effect as simple as possible.
  • It is an American fair basically as the routing numbers are only for domestic and international transfers and transactions involving American bank accounts.
  • Do not miss to check the type of transaction as different routing numbers are used so always check with the bank before you make your transfer.
  • If you’re making an international transfer involving a US bank account, you’ll need a SWIFT code as well as routing number.

Tips for managing your savings

  • As your savings is a main part of your long-term financial plans – make sure that your financial plan is in good shape. At times it is worth consulting with a local financial advisor.
  • The savings account interest rates are a constantly changing environment. So try to keep tabs on where the market is if you want to expand your potential savings.


As you are clearly aware of what is an Abound Credit Union Routing Number and how to find the account and routing numbers on a check. So, the next time you make payments or transfers, follow the tips and best practices. Routing numbers are very important in order to complete a financial transaction. It is always advisable to connect with the bank’s customer support representative, in case there is any confusion about which particular account routing number to use for a given transaction.

And if you’re looking for your check number, it’ll be the one in the top right corner or the last number on the right, in the same row as the account and routing numbers. Check out the diagram above if you have any lingering doubts.