If you’re keen on buying wellness products, you should not only study the benefits. Does CBD have side effects? Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in cannabis. This hemp product is starting to become more and more popular today. Take the time to learn more about it before you make use of it.

More and more of the best CBD products are being sold on the market for its supposed health benefits and usefulness on other products. With that in mind, let’s learn more about this hefty compound.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is the second most prevalent compound found on cannabis and it is the most active ingredient found on hemp plants. CBD does not cause the psychoactive effect of “high” most people experience when people consume cannabis, as CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. THC is the compound responsible for the aforementioned “high.”

Where THC causes a euphoric high, CBD provides a “calming” effect. This is why CBD is often found in oils manufactured specifically to induce relaxation.

The use of this compound became accessible in 2018 due to the passage of the Farm Bill, which saw the legalization of the use of hemp products. Be that as it may, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t legally allow the compound’s incorporation of food and dietary supplements in high doses.

Uses of CBD

Aside from being a calming agent placed on oils—even tea and coffee—CBD is used to counteract pain and anxiety. It is also capable of preventing a breakdown of a compound in the brain responsible for psychotic symptoms.

Today, CBD is more popularly known as an agent used to combat medical conditions and epilepsy syndromes such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or LGS.

CBD is also popular in the cosmetics world for its extract’s anti-inflammatory tendencies.

What Happens if You Use Too Much CBD?

While clinical trials and official approval of the World Health Organization deem the compound as safe, it can have implications if it is overused. Research suggests that CBD, when overused in higher doses, can cause nausea, drowsiness, and extreme stomach discomfort.

No fatal implications have been found due to the overuse of the compound.

Some unclear and inconclusive findings of CBD overuse suggest that it can affect tumor cells in larger doses. Some have also noted that it can cause hormonal shifts, but that too is an inconclusive finding.

What are the Side Effects of CBD?

As mentioned, there seem to be no major and terminal side effects of CBD. There are, however, several symptoms you may start to experience if you use this compound regularly on a long-term basis.

The most common symptom is stomach discomfort. Many CBD frequenters report having an upset stomach when they first started testing out the compound. Like many supplements, it is recommended that CBD be used on a periodical basis rather than a regular one.

People have also reported feeling dashes of headaches after using CBD. Ironically, organic hemp oil extracts such as CBD are known for downplaying headaches instead of causing them.

This symptom seems to be a case-by-case happenstance and it is recommended that whenever this symptom is felt when using CBD, the person should talk to their doctor immediately and seek proper medical advice.

Another common symptom of CBD is weight change. Once again, the result varies for everybody according to their biology and physiology. Some experience weight gain, while others experience weight loss.

With all of that said, it is important to remember that CBD is a fairly safe substance so long as high-quality products are used and it is never abused to extremes. Make sure you seek the help of a professional whenever side effects occur and always purchase CBD products at reliable establishments.

Where to Get the Best CBD

To follow up on the previous point, make sure you buy CBD products from establishments you can trust. Buy CBD products that are of high quality, lab-tested, and USA-grown. Check out the best hemp companies and you will be able to validate every single qualification of a reputable store for CBD products.

On top of all of that, many online retailers also offer free shipping, no matter where you are in the country.