In light of the recent pandemic, the importance of getting the best health insurance in India has been elevated. People now are more inclined towards the benefits, amenities and long term perks of having a health insurance plan. Therefore, people are searching for the best health insurance in India to get extra security during medical emergencies and critical conditions like the one that just passed.

It is believed that to understand and comprehend the health insurance plan, one must be familiar with finances well. But, not everyone is a finance person and therefore cannot understand the perks, pros, cons and hidden grey parts of health insurance.

As the insurance industry always stays in scrutiny to have some hidden grey area, by just a bit of caution and attentiveness, one can make sure to get the best options of health insurance plans to avail. So, if you are one on the road to buying the best health insurance in India, here is a list of IRDA approved factors you need to consider while making this crucial decision-

  • Coverage details

Sometimes the health policies cover health check-up costs as well and sometimes they don’t. Soo, before finally buying the health insurance plan, go through the coverage terms and conditions carefully. One can also go for a health insurance policy covering hospital charges, ambulance charges, daycare products, domicile care charges, etc.

  • Consideration of ‘Hospital stay period’

Generally, a minimum of 24 hours of hospital stay time makes one eligible for cash reimbursements. Therefore, to completely understand your policy, go through pages and notice if it provides coverage for accidental injuries, short hospital stays, etc.

  • Cashless Facility

This is one of the most important features of the best health insurance in India. Cashless facility in health insurance plans always confers comfortable reimbursement, hassle-free insurance process and seamless claim settlement process.

  • Sum Insured

This is the most important feature of health insurance plans. Depending on the type of insurance plan you buy, the sum insured varies for an individual or a family. So, always comprehend and check Thai beforehand.

  • Critical and sudden Illness

Critical and sudden illnesses like accident cases etc. are the ones where one needs the health insurance most. As these situations need hefty cash on an immediate basis, having the best health insurance in India that provides coverage for critical illness would be a savior.

  • Pre and Post hospitalization expenses

If you or your family member is suffering from some chronic illness where recurrent hospital visits are required, having a policy that covers pre and post hospitalization charges can save a drilling hole in your pocket. The help from such policies can save during trembling times.

Where To Get the Best Health Insurance In India?

As of now, you must have understood the requirements and features you should expect from the best health insurance in India. But is knowing this enough?

During the initial days of starting your research on the best health insurance plan in India, you will encounter hundreds and hundreds of health insurance providers claiming to be the ‘best’ but don’t get overwhelmed. Always compare and contrast the various options available. Understand all the features provided, comprehend claim settlement processes, read through terms and conditions thoroughly etc.

In addition, according to IRDA, only registered insurance providers should be considered for buying a reasonable and affordable health insurance plan. One such insurance provider with the best plans, easy claim settlement ratio, and IRDA registration is Care Health Insurance. One can find this on the IRDA website as well.

The provider has plans such as Individual health insurance, family floater health insurance, senior citizen health insurance, critical illness plans and any more affordable and beneficial plans. But don’t make your decision yet! Explore various diverse insurance providers, list your priorities, budget and then finalize the best health insurance in India.