Termodizayn ice machines have a serious market in Turkey and in many countries of the world. Termodizayn ice machines, which have become a well-known brand thanks to the service it offers to its customers, are produced using the latest technology. So, what should be considered when buying an ice machine? What are the types in ice machines?

Cooling systems are of vital importance, especially in the preservation of meat, dairy and fish products. You can get help from Termodizayn officials when purchasing ice machines, which are among the most preferred products of industrial kitchens. Experts who are as close to you as a phone call can direct you to ice machines according to the area you will use.

Termodizayn, which has been operating since 1987 with its ice machines and cooling systems, also pleases its customers with its quality. Many products such as Flake Ice Machines, Container Type Ice Machines, Mobile Block Ice Machines, Tube Ice Machines within the body of the company provide services on ice production technology. Many cooling system products such as Industrial Cold Storages, Container Type Cold Rooms, Mobile Hospitals, Fresh and Sea Water Chiller, Concrete Cooling Water Chiller processes also provide cooling services to large-scale enterprises. Termodizayn, which produces in European standards, also pleases its customers with the support it provides before and after sales

What are Ice Machine Types?

* Flake Ice Machine (Fresh Water)

* Flake Ice Machine (Sea Water)

* Container Type Flake Ice Machines

* Block Ice Machines

* Block Ice Machines (Brine Type)

* Mobile Block Ice Machines (Press Type)

* Tube Ice Machines

* Cube Ice Machines

* Plate Ice Machine

* Ice Silos

* Ice Compactor

* Ice Packing Unit

* Flake Ice Drums (Fresh Water)

* Flake Ice Drums (Sea Water)

* Gel Ice Machines


What are Ice Usage Areas?


  • Fisheries and Aquaculture: ensures that aquatic products are kept at a low temperature during cooling, transportation and packaging.
  • Concrete Batching Plants: for concrete cooling processes,
  • Supermarkets and Fish Departments: In order to keep the products in the fish sales departments fresh,
  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry: To balance the temperature formed during the production phase in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries,
  • Meat and Poultry Products: For the storage of fatty meat products under appropriate conditions,
  • Artificial Ice Fields: In order to produce and transfer snow,
  • In Bakery Products: By adding flake ice to the dough during the dough kneading process, the temperature of the water is controlled.
  • Vegetables and Fruits: For pre-cooling of fruits and vegetables,
  • Beverages: Ice cubes made of clean, fresh water are used to cool the drinks.
  • Industrial Refrigeration Companies: To balance the heat inside factories, hospitals and shopping malls.
  • Cooling Systems in Houses: Cooling systems are used to store ice in cold regions and to shift these stored ice to places where the temperature is desired to be lowered.




  • Its products are presented with a CE label.
  • It has a wide range of sales in European, Asian, Arab and African countries.
  • It is always in a different position among its competitors in tropical climate conditions and industrial designs.
  • It closely follows technological changes and innovations. transitions to new technologies in a short time thanks to its practical, dynamic staff and flexible production structure.
  • It will not leave you on the road by working efficiently. It is always with you with its technical service opportunities.


Termodizayn, which provides service with fully equipped service vehicles with 24 hours / 365 days service assurance with 48 regional services spread all over Turkey, has authorized service centers in many countries abroad. Final and permanent solutions are offered by applying the service system within 24 hours in the country and abroad.