Like any other technology, the VPN industry is continually evolving. The digital age brought many new threats to the surface, and people might struggle to keep up with the latest news. Breaches, data leaks, and hacking incidents are all the rage right now. The media covers new threats and accidents daily, and the VPN industry does not shy away from the need to grow. 

Naturally, knowing the latest news, events, and trends related to VPNs’ evolution has become vital to both ordinary internet users and businesses. Since it is challenging to stay up to date with all the information, we provide you with the biggest VPN trends of 2020.

Increased Use of VPN in 2020

2020 is the year that brought a significant increase in VPN use. Virtual Private Networks have become mainstream in the past few years, but they are pretty much an essential security tool of today. Almost every business on the internet uses VPNs to protect their assets and empower their access control. For regular netizens, a VPN has become the tool they use to protect their privacy and get access to geo-restricted content or purchase goods at lower prices.  

It’s safe to say that this trend will continue through the decade. As we mentioned earlier, both online privacy and security are regularly exposed to new and advanced threats. It’s not only hackers that want your data; it’s the governments too. 

The end of 2020 will see more and more individuals setting up their own private networks for many reasons. According to Statista, the VPN industry was worth $15.46 billion in 2016. By 2020, this number is estimated to reach $35.73 billion.

Increase in VPN Service Providers

The VPN market is an ever-growing industry, and this growth means only one thing – more VPN service providers. 2020 already sees the market overwhelmed with new VPN companies, looking for their place under the sun. These companies will team up and partner with the existing tech companies to increase their market share and reach wider audiences. We can already see this happening all over the world. 

Ookla and Mozilla already added VPN services to their existing products, while companies like ProtonMail launched their own virtual private networks. This sudden increase in service providers has its ups and downs. One of the most significant benefits it will bring is improved security. Each new service uses past experiences and the latest cyber threats to improve their products. However, a considerable number of new services means a decrease in service quality, at least in the beginning. If you’re looking for a reliable and secure VPN, our recommendation would be to perform various tests to make sure that a VPN completes all necessary procedures to protect you. 

Free VPNs Emerge 

Naturally, people want privacy and equal rights online. However, due to the increase of geo-restrictions and tracking practices, the web is not considered a safe place for all. With many tips and recommendations for netizens, they might struggle to follow them despite their best efforts. 

Of course, a VPN is a tool that can help them solve all of these issues, but many people might not have the financial resources to sign up for a subscription. So, you might be unaware of the new and affordable trend: a VPN which is free. Such tools do not require any payment. Hence, people can enjoy a safe online journey at no cost. Naturally, there might be some regulations related to a limited number of servers or speed. However, it is comforting to know that anyone can protect their digital identity from prying eyes. 

More Security Breaches Concerning VPN

2019 was the year of serious security breaches. These breaches left grave consequences on the VPN industry and are among the biggest reasons why VPN trends are continually changing and advancing. 

Each security breach means that hackers found a way to break through the security walls that stood in their way. 2020 is no different, and we expect to see some devastating hacks during this year. It is clear that hackers do not rest. They continue to compromise systems and devices. Hence, make sure to always be prepared for the worst-case scenario.


The VPN industry and market are prosperous and affordable to all participants of the digital world. While 2020 marked the significant increase in VPN use, there is no reason to suggest that this growth will stop. People care about their privacy. So, it is natural for them to look for ways to bypass the constant surveillance and tracking. With so many companies turning to remote work for maintaining their productivity, it is clear that their employees need to be properly protected. However, let’s not forget the dangers that lurk during regular browsing. Hackers can intercept connections, steal data, and gain unauthorized access. To protect yourself, consider the latest digital solutions. With their help, you can be immune to various cyber threats.