UXprice locates and tracks an infinite number of competitors for each of your products. The search for competitors and the matching of your items to those of your competitors is automated. The number of competitors for the product, your pricing position among them, the average price of the product, and the difference between your price and the maximum, minimum, and average in percent may all be analyzed for each product. Market data is also available in general. In other words, uXprice is an online retailer, manufacturer, and brand competitive intelligence software.

How to get started

Follow these steps to get started using uxprice.com :

  • Register
  • Add your product
  • Begin tracking
  • Optimize your prices based on the market data and price recommendations you’ve gathered.

How UXprice Works

You will obtain a list of competitors tracked based on the monitoring results for each product (there can be from 1 to 100). The selected parameters are used to generate reports with recommended pricing optimization. uXprice provides free API access.

In the trial edition, you can get an idea of the service’s functionality and track prices for a few of your products for free.

What Can UXprice do for you?

The uXprice service tracks how closely sellers stick to the suggested retail price. Besides optimizing pricing in online stores, you’ll always know how to price a thing. uXprice offers pricing suggestions based on current and accurate data. The primary objective is to boost the income of its clients. With the software, every phase of the user-service interaction is simplified and improved. Connecting the service takes only five minutes and does not require developer assistance. The UXprice service allows users to add competitors on their own and enable AI-based algorithms to look for them automatically. Apart from competitive monitoring and price tracking, it has the following features:


  • Dynamic pricing
  • Retail pricing optimization
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Price comparison tools
  • Ecommerce pricing strategies

UXprice Compatible Platforms

Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento Commerce, PrestaShop, X-Cart, Ecwid, and other e-commerce platforms are all supported by uXprice. uXprice does not integrate with any other apps.

Customer Support

You can view training videos to learn more about the uXprice service. In addition, service assistance responds to all customer queries promptly and professionally.

The ability to quickly modify pricing may provide a competitive advantage. UXprice can help frame a well-designed pricing architecture that can be used to launch new products and plan new marketing strategies.