The Quantum Financial System (QFS) often gets labeled as an off-world monetary system. The idea of the QFS came into form as certain prominent people came together to advance the financial system and close up the world’s dependence on the current monetary system. 

The Aim of the Quantum Financial System

The ultimate goal of the Quantum Financial System is to completely replace the current flawed US-controlled SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) system that enables continuous corrupt monetary practices. The new-age Quantum Financial System, often regarded as the future of monetary transactions, will come with a standardized security sequence. The new banking approach is said to close the bridge of currency manipulation and calculated rigging. 

The current central banking system is designed to fail. The turns and overturns of countless transactions create a haven for easy compromise and mismanagement. The Quantum Financial System is not created to run on conventional computers but via a quantum computer placed on a satellite. In a bid to ensure maximum security, the Quantum Financial System is well protected by Secret Space Programs (SSP). 

According to the Galactic Connection site, “on the activation of the QFS, the Galactic Alliance will completely destroy the Central Banking System that has been designed to destroy the world economy and put the world population into perpetual debt slavery.” This is inadvertently supposed to be the path to humanity’s liberation from this kind of slavery.

The Quantum Financial System introduces a new era of banking and monetary transactions, a reliable replacement to the current system already natively influenced by corrupt government policies. The design of the system supports full tracking of tangible assets like gold, oil, platinum, and others, rather than paper currency with little systematic value. 

The Approach

The Quantum Financial System seeks to enrich all nations, including third world countries, with it’s a utopian vision of a modern trade-by-barter system. The world monetary system we have at the moment creates a debt crisis, with money always needed to pay up underlying debts, usually at a higher interest rate. This method of financial transactions creates a valley of poverty and a sea of opportunity for the greedy, further stressing the saying, “The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.” 

With the new approach of the Quantum Financial System, indebted countries will be able to reimburse all their debts by giving something valuable and in their capacity, in this case, exporting their natural minerals and resources. 

Consider the third world countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East with high foreign debts and devalued currencies. You’ll realize that even though these third world nations are eventually able to pay up their accumulated debts, which usually come with interests, the value or strength of their currencies remains weakened. 

These countries are forced to borrow more and continue the vicious cycle. In the new era of the Quantum Financial System, countries like these will be able to trade their excess natural resources, like gold or oil, and enjoy the full benefits and financial power of their resources.

In a paper published on Scribd, the author who monotonously goes by the name Martin mentions that the Commonwealth is trying to wrap African countries in their domain. The aim, according to Martin, is to push these countries to use British pounds as a replacement for their own currencies, which will, in turn, encourage more looting of their resources. He describes the new era of the Quantum Financial System as a means to secure the collapsing world economy and relieve people from poverty.

The Quantum Financial System as it Relates to Cryptocurrency

The Quantum Financial System is total and comprehensive, dealing in shared and distributed ledger technologies, virtual and digital currencies, as well as blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The system is based on quantum computing and is stored and operates on satellite-based servers. This creates the possibility of interplanetary transactions. 

The Quantum Financial System carries the fastest states of speed. This is possible as the quantum computing multiple quantum states together to create another state by sending or firing electrons through semiconductors using a configurable pulse of light. 

The method used to intertwine the Quantum Financial System with cryptocurrency is called quantum cryptography. In the Ascent Whitepaper for quantum finance opportunities, the authors stated that “Quantum safe encryption can be achieved using classical algorithms and technology; this is known as post-quantum cryptography. Such solutions range from the use of encryption algorithms where increasing complexity drives an exponential increase in solution runtime even for quantum computers; through to the creation of all new encryption methods that would be problematic for a quantum computer. Some such methods already exist, though they cannot truly be tested until a practical quantum computer also exists. Government bodies are now recognizing the need to establish quantum-safe communications. GCHQ is researching post-quantum cryptographic methods and the NSA has announced plans to transition towards quantum-safe encryption standards for the US. The development and application of quantum-safe encryption methods may be seen as applying a bandage to a broken system rather than fixing it and, with any maths-based security system, it is only ever a matter of time before a computer, whether classical or quantum is powerful enough to break it. Whilst QKD is most likely to be the safer option in the long run, when compared to post-quantum cryptography, it comes at the cost of needing to install optical fiber networks, which can be expensive, or using current dark fiber networks — where possible. It may be more cost-effective for businesses to move to quantum-safe encryption standards rather than invest in QKD infrastructure. Such considerations should be assessed separately in each case, for instance through a quantum assessment.”


The Quantum Financial System proposes efficiently secure and faster processes for all financial and monetary transactions. These processes make it possible for quantum computers to store and process exceedingly more information with lower energy requirements and faster speed compared to our existing regular computers. In addition, current technological advancements make it a lot easier to interoperate cryptocurrency transactions in the QFS.