You might not believe it right now, but once in our life, we all need a lawyer. When people talk about lawyers, they mostly think about criminal lawyers. But you need a different lawyer in different phases of your life, depending on the type of case. Approximately more than 30 independent fields of lawyers can be found in the US alone. Each lawyer has a unique and specific field of specialization and distinct methods of approaching any situation. It is very crucial to understand what kind of lawyer you may need for the specific case. We have listed below the most essential kinds of lawyers you will need if you belong to the States of America.

1. Criminal Lawyer

Perhaps the most known type of lawyers is those who work in the crime field. These lawyers are accomplished in criminal law and know their way around any associated situation. Criminal lawyers defend a person or organization in state or federal court against the accusing party. The types of criminal cases they handle are homicide, assault, scam cases, armed robbery, and related crimes.

2. Personal Injury Lawyer

The United States of America has the highest statistics of road accidents. An estimate of 400,000 car accidents happens in Florida alone every year. Due to this very reason, it is crucial to have a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer has specialized in engaging with another party to get compensation in the form of the damage caused. Having a personal injury lawyer florida is very important because of the high number of road accidents.

3. Family Lawyer

Having a family lawyer is very important whether you are starting a new family or ending one. Family lawyers have specialized in cases such as prenuptial agreement, divorce, or custody of children. Family lawyers are expert in family law and can guide expertly in legal situations where you are confused due to family history.

4. Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is a critical and strict process, where even the slightest mistake can become the cause of your application rejection. Immigration lawyers are experts in their field. They help immigrants to seek employment and other resources in their migrated country. Immigration lawyers also help applicants in gaining immigrant visas, Green cards, and in seeking refuge or asylum.

5. Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers are big shot lawyers who deal with corporate companies and organizations. Most corporate lawyers work on a contract basis with the companies and deal with corporate issues such as corporate governance, the formation of new business, corporate compliance issues, security issues, etc.

6. Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate lawyers, as the name suggests are lawyers who deal with real estate and property cases. The lawyers who are specialized in this particular field deals with cases, such as buying and selling agreement of properties, mortgage issues, transfer of files between the two parties, etc.

Final Note

Above are just some of the necessary types of lawyers that you would most probably need once in your lifetime. Knowing the different types of lawyers and their field of specialization is crucial if you ever need to contact one.