Employing various social media platforms for the marketing purposes is a proven way to succeed. In the digital era, online outlets allow people to connect with the potential buyers and the target audiences faster and on a more personal level than at any other point in time. While media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Linkedin are commonly used by the business owners to promote their goods and services, Twitter seems to remain somewhat of a taboo. What could be the reason for this?

It seems that even for those who are more or less affluent in terms of utilizing media outlets for marketing, it is ted complicated to grasp the concept of Twitter in the first place. Naturally, no one will cater towards the platform for the promotional purposes, if they cannot wrap their heads around the idea of the said platform. It is only going to bring more confusion, and a possibly failed marketing. Understandably, we all would love to avoid this. In this article, our main aim is to explain how big of a marketing value Twitter has, what you need to keep in mind before adhering to it with the hopes of conducting a successful marketing campaign and what are some of the most useful tips and tricks to take into account. Keep on reading to find out more!

Role, purpose, essence

Generally speaking, Twitter can be considered as more of a news media outlet rather than a full-on social network. Imagine all of your news channels combined into one giant online outlet. Except, Twitter is much more informative, interactive, fun and of course, fast. You are less likely to miss out on any important news. The latter is spread and circulated throughout the platform with the speed of light.

Additionally, Twitter is a highly multidimensional space. You do not need to have a confined goal or some terminal purpose in order to profit from its usage. Numerous marketing requirements and needs can be met, when approached appropriately. Even better, it is possibly the best place to meet the right people at the right time. Yes, you have heard it correctly. If you are looking for meaningful, profitable connections, Twitter should definitely be your top priority. It is a great way to establish useful relationships and even introduce people to whatever you have to offer on other social media platforms. Let’s put it this way, Twitter is the door of opportunities that opens many other possibilities for you.

Initial steps

Now that we have somewhat explained to you the concept of Twitter and the main things it stands for, it is time to get to the business. First things first, you are going to need to have a powerful Twitter profile. This will be your own personal space where you conduct most of your business, market your products, connect with the customers and generally, make a name for yourself. Here are a couple of things that are essential in order to build a trustworthy, reliable and presentable profile.

  • Create a unique username

We do not really have to say much here, do we? Having a memorable, original and fun username is truly crucial. You have 15 characters available to successfully complete this task. So, think it through, do not rush and if you feel like you cannot come up with anything worthy, ask your opinionated friends for a suggestion.

  • Visual enhancements

As with many other social media platforms, it is important to have a visually engaging, intriguing or attractive profile on Twitter as well. Your avatar and cover photos have to appropriately represent what your business is about. They should contain the logo of your brand, maybe a call to action type of message, or any other content that you may deem relevant and can possibly interest the customers in you.

  • Proper bio

In this section, you will really need to keep it short, simple and straight to the point. Having a compelling Twitter bio is one of the most important steps when establishing yourself on the platform initially. Tell people what they truly need to know about you and your products. Keep the tone professional, but not too official. Make it friendly and engaging.

Learn how to tweet

Please, do not stand in the balcony and try to imitate the birds in your neighborhood. The intention here is different and if you, for some reason, think that there is nothing to learn regarding tweeting, you are just a bit mistaken. Knowing how to tweet properly is the main part of successfully establishing yourself on Twitter, connecting with people in the right manner and marketing your brand with the most possible profit. Below you can find a short list of the details to look out for before publishing virtually anything on Twitter:

  • Avoid using the complicated language
  • Do not be repetitive
  • Use humour
  • Employ any necessary content (viral videos, memes, infographics etc)
  • Be responsive
  • Do not flood the timeline with tweets
  • Ambiguity is a big no-no
  • Hire someone to handle and manage your account

You have probably heard for numerous times how big brands engage in a friendly banter on Twitter and instantly gain even more popularity among people. Witty, sarcastic and sassy tweets spread throughout the internet incredibly fast. Producing viral tweets every now and then could do wonders for your brand as well. If you are not sensationally confident in your tweeting abilities, the last tip from the above list could help you. Afterall, spending a little bit of extra money on a professional account manager is never a bad investment. Try to hire someone affluent, up-to-date, well-versed and aware of the current trends.

Interconnect multiple outlets

Have you heard a Youtuber intro/outro without them mentioning their various social media profiles? Most certainly, no. Almost every creator links Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or whatever other profile they may have in the description box, and they do so because it is profitable. Likewise, if you already have a well-established social media account, do not hesitate to promote your Twitter profile there. It will do you no harm, it is a common practice and when done right, it is only bound to benefit you.

What could also be of great help for your marketing success is the possession of impressive online statistics. What do we mean by that? Well, here’s the thing. Whether you like it or not, numbers mean a lot. They can be impressive and they are, in fact, one of the main reasons why anyone would take time to view your profile or develop an interest in whatever you have to offer. Besides partnering with the useful online spaces like subscriberz, which is a perfect way to garner the audience especially if you are marketing music or anything music-related, you can contact fellow business owners on Twitter and agree upon helping each other out. There is no shame in doing this. You only need to have the right approach, patience and the willingness to take others’ needs into account. That is the only way you can have those of your own adequately heard and met.

Know when to be active

Have you heard of the term CTR? It is a basic measurement of your online engagement. In other words, CTR or click-through rate will show you how many times people interacted with your advertisements or promotional tweets, to be more specific for our case. Naturally, you would love to have a high CTR standing, but what is the secret to obtaining that?

Remember in the beginning of the article when we told you to learn tweeting properly? Turns out, that is not all it takes for your business to take off on Twitter. Timing is just as important. If you choose to ignore this detail, and tweet whenever you want, you will sooner or later see that there is almost zero engagement or feedback coming towards you from your potential customers. What will people interact to, if your tweets simply get lost in the sea of million other messages? However, there are ways to avoid this, and we will tell you how.

  • Know your audience

Who you are promoting your business to will be the key determinant of your ‘’tweeting schedule’’. Do a bit of research before hopping onto any social media platform, and find out during what times the people of your interest tend to spend more time online. If your target audience consists of the elderly people, senior citizens, the retired or stay-at-home parents, you can virtually tweet at any time of the day. However, if you are willing to reach out to college students, or generally those with the busier schedules, try not to tweet at 2 PM necessarily. No one is likely to see it, moreover pay attention or take time to engage at any degree.

  • Mind the peak hours

Quite similar to the advice given to you above, there seem to be certain time frames not only throughout the day, but in the duration of the week where researchers found people to spend more time on Twitter. Most commonly, and as you would expect, it is the weekends. However, this introduces a bit of an issue. If you are the one who runs the tweeting game for your brand, you may have to deprive yourself of your weekend enjoyment for the sake of the marketing success. And if the hired social media profile manager is doing this task for you, you might need to pay them extra. No one wants to work on weekends after all, right?

In any manner, you need to remember that you will not always have to make such sacrifices for your brand to be profitably marketed on Twitter. Once you overcome the initial hurdles, things will start to flow more smoothly. The most important thing is to carefully consider all of the useful tips we have given you in this article. Again, Twitter is not the most typical or the easiest media platform you could have chosen for your business. There are numerous far more straightforward media outlets that could possibly work for you, but Twitter is unique in many ways and it will open the doors of wonder for you.

As a final note, always remember to avoid being ‘’problematic’’ This word can mean a lot of things, so refer to the bullet point where we advised hiring an affluent account manager. It is easier than ever for people to ‘’cancel’’ your brand altogether, if they detect anything offensive, insensitive or sketchy. It is the reality of the highly PC culture we live in. Hence, make sure to know your surroundings, your audience and what they might deem as inappropriate. It is extremely hard to save face or rebuild your Twitter presence, so remain cautious, thoughtful and considerate.