Are you a PS4 Pro user? Well, the PlayStation 4 Pro is the most affordable gaming console on which you can play all your favorite games while receiving an awesome and optimal performance. The PS4 console is quite famous for games like Marvel Spiderman, God of War, etc.

And due to the awesome graphical display people prefer buying PS4 Pro to play their favorite games. But sometimes, the gamers get confused while deciding whether they should choose a monitor or a TV for their PS4 pro? Since the PlayStation 4, Pro is a gaming console, and it is far more different than a regular computer.

That is why it is important to decide whether you should use a TV or a monitor for PS4 pro. So, in this article, we are going to cover the details you need while deciding on what to choose for better resolution and gameplay.

TV vs. Monitor for PS4 Pro

First things first, to be honest, it totally depends on your preference along with your budget. But according to my personal recommendation, getting a TV for your PS4 Pro should be a good option. 

The reason why I said this is because PC monitors do not come up with built-in speakers. Well some of them have built-in speakers but surely they will be more expensive. Also, if you buy a monitor for your PS4 with no built-in speakers you are more likely to get into a lot of trouble. So if you buy a television you can just plug it in and play with your PS4 Pro. 

Another important factor to consider is the size of your screen. So as compared to a monitor solution for having a bigger and better size increases you can choose your favorite size among a lot of options available. So this was my personal opinion in case if you want to buy a gaming monitor for your PS4 Pro then you can buy it but it is necessary to take a look at these factors that will be mentioned below.

  • Which One is Better for gaming?

While comparing a gaming monitor with television the first thing to look out for is which one is going to be the best choice for gaming. 

Let’s talk about TV first. The first thing is that you can easily connect your PS4 Pro with your TV because most of the televisions contain an HDMI port so you can just connect your PS4 with television by using an HDMI cable and start playing games on your gaming console. For casual gaming, a TV is enough to handle PS4. 

However, we all know that televisions do not provide a good response rate and better FPS. I mean the response rate or FPS is not too bad but still as compared to monitors they are of low quality. Well, FPS and response rate are important factors if you want to win your game.

On the other hand, if you are a competitive gamer and you have a good budget I recommend you to get a 4K gaming monitor to play games at better FPS and response rate. A 4K monitor Delivers games in better quality and the graphics are also outstanding.

But you can also grab a 4K TV to get better at casual gaming. Now, it depends on you which choice you make.

  • The Response Time

Now, the next thing that we will talk about is the response time. So users who utilize television for playing games on their PS4 Pro have complained that they face issues with response time. Most of them revealed that while playing games like COD mobile on their PS4 they have noticed frame drops several times.

Well, this problem can also happen because of ping or other issues. But the main thing is that televisions are not a good choice when it comes to response time.

So when it comes to gaming monitors they are a lot better than televisions. A gaming monitor comes with a lot of options. You can either get a monitor with 144 Hertz or 244 Hertz response time for better gaming performance. When it comes to response time gaming monitors are way better than television for PS4 Pro.

  • Pricing

Another important factor to consider when buying a monitor or television for your PS4 Pro is the price. Because price and budget really matter. But which one wins the fight for price, PS4 or television? Let’s find out.

You can get a 24 inches 144 Hz HD gaming monitor starting from a price range of $150. But 24 inches is the minimum screen level for gaming monitors. So if you want to buy a larger screen size then, of course, you have to pay more.

However, as compared to a 4K monitor, 4K televisions are way more expensive. You can get a 4K television with 144 Hz response time at a price rate of $500 or $700. 

There is indeed a huge difference between the screen size of both displays however a 4K monitor is cheaper than a 4K TV. So if you are on a budget, consider buying a 4K monitor for your PS4 pro.

  • Resolution

The next important thing that we will compare is the resolution of television and monitor. Well, as per the price of both screens, they don’t deliver the same resolution. 

Both the monitor and the television deliver 1080p, 4K resolutions, yet they are not the same. But, to get 4K in a budget price tag you can surely grab a monitor. 

Recently, it was revealed that televisions will now be able to deliver more than 8K resolution, but they will definitely become way more expensive. That is why you should consider this decision, and think about it thoroughly.


I hope that you will find this article helpful to choose between a monitor or a television. For a PS4 pro, television is good in some ways while the monitor is better in others. So, whatever choice you make, do it wisely after considering your budget.