Everyone is going paperless, not only to save time but also to conserve our planet. We can now keep our files digitally, online, and for free, thanks to technological advances. However, everything appears to be changing at a breakneck pace. Are you aware that you can turn your PDF files to PDF/A in a matter of minutes?

PDF to PDF/A conversion can happen with GogoPDF services. Using the site’s converting tool will save you effort and time while producing high-quality results. It is a reliable and consistent tool that can be accessed online without the need to download additional apps. They offer a variety of features that are useful for file adjustments. To avoid errors and file theft, we recommend looking for credible and rapidly converting tools. This article features the attributes of GogoPDF as your PDF ally.

Conversion to PDF/A

Converting PDF to PDFA is simple and straightforward with GogoPDF. If you’re wondering why users convert their portable document format to PDF/A is because when it comes to longevity, PDF/A outperforms all other formats in preserving your files and components. PDF/A was created to allow for quick and efficient file delivery on any operating system. Although files produced in portable document format work excellently, there are times when they cannot be read on the most recent OS that you are using.

Editing issues occur because, unlike the PDF/A format, PDF does not involve non-embedded components. Fonts are one example of such elements, and content may change if your OS or the type of PDF viewer you are using is incompatible. As a result, you will have difficulty reconstructing the contents of your file. Fortunately, PDF/A formats prevent rendering defects from happening. Understanding PDF/A could make a significant difference in the quality of your records. Aside from that, PDF/A helps make copies of your original file while not altering its information.

PDFA is a file type that is like PDF, but they differ in terms of accuracy and content retention. Consequently, it is the primary reason people transform their PDFs to PDF/A format, guaranteeing that file’s security and ability to open on any reader you use is essential to them. The best thing about PDF/A is that its designers have included a security system that can provide electronic validation signatures whenever you use OS. This way, you won’t be worried about making pointless alterations or changing the content. These advantages can be obtained by saving files in the PDF/A format using GogoPDF’s converter.

PDF File Conversion

To have an effective PDF to PDF/A conversion, it is best to use precise, dependable, convenient, and user-friendly online resources. In this case, GogoPDF providers are regarded as the best online portal to use. The website will require users to upload or transmit the PDF file they desire to modify to generate it into PDF/A. This step is completed by navigating to the device of the PDF to PDF/A converting tool and selecting the preferred tool from their range of providers. Once you’ve been diverted to the page, you could either electronically upload it or simply drag it into the box. These two simple methods help users easily transfer their PDF files.

You can properly select your PDF file from your device and submit it to their system using a button in the center of the screen. If your file has been submitted, the GogoPDF converter will start a process. Once you complete the first step, your application will be implemented fully. You will still be able to convert it according to your needs if you use either of the two methods provided. People prefer these services because of their efficient characteristics. If the file upload is complete, you will be taken to a newly updated web interface.

PDF/A Conformance

On the site’s interface, you will find clear rules that will provide you with more information about PDF/A conversion. If you want to lower the conformance level, simply check the visible checkbox on the site. GogoPDF will only process the adjustments you specify and will not make any substantial changes. Downgrading will only reduce its degree of consistency and will not affect the components of your document. Your file’s details will remain unchanged. When you click the blue “Convert to PDF/A now” button, the system will send the file and convert it to PDF/A format.

In A Nutshell

Although each format has distinctive features and customization, it is preferable to have a file that can effectively make and work on operating systems and viewing apps. This way, you can quickly display your files for school presentations, work, business matters, and other purposes. With GogoPDF, you can easily switch your file to PDFA in just a few keystrokes.

Now that you know more about PDFA, its benefits, and how to convert a PDF file, you won’t be concerned about encountering errors when using it. GogoPDF is a user-friendly provider that can be accessed from any device. You only need stable internet access and a web browser to get started.