Are you tired of having to reach for your glasses each morning before you can start your day? Wouldn’t you love to take a trip without worrying about whether you packed your spare contacts and lens solution? If you are getting bogged down by the inconvenience of having to wear glasses or contact lenses every day, it may be time to treat yourself to a new “vision” in life with LASIK surgery!

LASIK has been an incredibly popular treatment for nearsighted individuals since its inception in the early 90s. An estimated 10 million Americans have gotten LASIK surgery since it was approved by the FDA in 1999. With approximately 700,000 laser eye surgeries performed each year in the U.S., LASIK slows no sign of slowing down in popularity.

And it’s effective, too! Of the millions of people who have had LASIK treatment, 90% of them end up with 20/20 vision, and 50% wind up with even better vision than the standard 20/20. Overall, LASIK procedures boast a 96-98% efficacy rate in helping people achieve improved vision compared to what they had prior to treatment.

Some of the reasons people choose to undergo LASIK surgery and ditch their glasses or contacts for good include:

Lifestyle Goals- People who want to have a more active lifestyle may find themselves hindered by contacts or glasses when it comes to activities like swimming, scuba diving, or participating in sports. 

Careers- Those whose jobs are physically demanding, such as construction workers, firefighters, and police officers, may find greater freedom and convenience after LASIK surgery.

Finance- Think about how much you’re paying out each year on optometrist visits, disposable contacts, new glasses, lens cleaning supplies and more. Considering that the average cost for LASIK surgery is about $1,500 to $2,500 per eye and that the average contact lens wearer spends $300 per year on new lenses, it’s easy to see how LASIK can also provide a financial benefit in the long run.

If you’ve been thinking about saying goodbye to your glasses or contact lenses for good and looking into LASIK, now’s the time! Imagine a world where you can greet each day without the hassle and discomfort of contact lenses or glasses. With LASIK, it’s possible! Contact your LASIK surgeon today for a consultation appointment to determine whether you are a good candidate, and get ready to see the world in a whole new light!