Matthew Hunter Kevelson, better known by his stage name MattyKevs, was born in Long Island, New York. Over time, he developed into an accomplished instrumentalist and record producer. All of his music is produced by him alone, and he is in charge of both his image and his music. He is a kind and generous person who is willing to support new musicians in the music industry by giving them an opportunity, regardless of the genre they are in.

The Love of Music

Music and the arts have always been important to his mother, who has had a profound influence on his life and career. MattyKevs’ music appeals to a wide range of listeners, especially those who appreciate exquisite art and the finer things in life. Lo-fi, acoustic, and downtempo music fans are among his many admirers. When he’s looking for new musicians to collaborate with, he takes inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres, which he incorporates into his own work.

Business Ventures 

In addition to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Mattykevs enjoys helping other artists achieve their dreams. Music producer Mattykevs works with a top entertainment industry and social media marketing company to help the upcoming artist conquer their dreams and build an engaged fan base. He also strives to build the connection they need with industry professionals, because for a new artist to make a name, it takes time. Building a brand and fan base could be difficult in such a competitive industry, but Mattykevs has a game changing strategy.

Plans for the Near Future 

In order to achieve his goals, Mattykevs wants to demonstrate that a one-man team can still achieve success, but that in order to do so, he needs the help of his community and followers.

As a result, he has no qualms about putting his resources and time into artists he believes in.

Aside from helping up-and-coming musicians succeed, Mattykevs also works with well-known artists to expand their social media followings and increase the number of people who listen to their music.

Having a strong support system around you is critical to your success in the music industry, so he works hard to demonstrate what it takes to succeed.

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