Employers undertake background checks for a variety of reasons. Is it to verify a job candidate’s qualifications, or are there additional benefits? This article outlines the top benefits businesses receive from background screening and how it adds value to their business.

Reduce The Risks and Liabilities Linked to Negligent Recruitment

The employer is responsible for ensuring that the workplace is safe and compliant. They are lawfully, professionally, and financially liable for all they know and don’t know about a candidate before hiring them, as well as for not risking the safety of their present staff. Workers in sectors where safety is a problem are essential, as they can jeopardize themselves and others. Companies must exercise considerable caution when engaging someone in these professions because of the possible impact on their business or clients, which is where background checks come in useful. All of this will reduce the risks and liabilities that come with possibly irresponsible hiring decisions.

Improved Hiring Quality

Background checking improved the quality of their recruitment, according to 67% of survey participants. Background checks can discover false information on resumes, with 70% of participants stating catching a mistake. Furthermore, respondents discover misrepresentations many times, with 74 percent stating that they find falsified information up to 10% of the time.  According to recent research, job candidates who had previously done negative behaviors were the most likely to have made up resumes. A deception of an applicant’s work history, education, certifications, criminal past, or employment eligibility may not only result in a terrible hire. Still, it may also expose the hiring company to financial, legal, and regulatory issues. A background checking software from a company like Intercheck may help uncover fraudulent or false information early on, lowering future risks and raising recruiting costs.

Enhanced Workplace Security

Background checking was valued by 42% of survey respondents because it helped improve workplace safety and security. Furthermore, 16 percent of businesses said that screening decreased team member theft, 14 percent reported reduced workplace accidents, and 11 percent reported reduced workplace violence. According to the studies, team member theft is estimated to cause 30% of all business failures, and three-quarters of all employees steal at least once. According to a study, approximately 355,000 organizations will encounter workplace violence in a given year. Employers may use background checks to improve the quality of their hires and better safeguard their property and employees from devastating workplace accidents, violence, and theft.

Compliance With Regulations Has Improved

In the Benchmarking Report, regulatory compliance was ranked as the second most important corporate concern, and 44% of respondents claimed background screening helped them improve regulatory compliance. A background screening supplier with in-house compliance knowledge and clever built-in compliance tools can assist a company in meeting industry standards and state and federal laws, which vary by state and job type, adding to the complexity for employers. A company might suffer hefty penalties, loss of licenses, or legal damages if it does not have an efficient employment screening policy. A background screening company can assist you in implementing a compliance screening program for your business at every stage of the job screening process, from background checks to completing an electronic Form I-9 employment eligibility verification.

Maintaining solid recruiting standards and processes, which are made so much easier by getting specialized and comprehensive services from sites like Intercheck may help prevent predicting and accounting for potential dangers. Presenting you with the knowledge you require to make the best possible hiring decision.