Search engines are continuously working on the development and improvement of their functionality. As the amount of content is multiplied each year, the way search engines process information becomes more complex as well. To keep up with the trends, it is critical to understand what aspects are highly valued by Google from year to year in terms of website ranking. Thus, this article comprises a range of the most important ranking factors that you should pay attention to if you want to get your website to the top of the search results pages.

Quality content

For many years, content has been the principal success factor that determines the outcome of the entire SEO strategy. In 2021 nothing has actually changed, so informative articles and web pages remain of high value for both users and search engines. The diversification of content has appeared recently as many brands now also rely on multimedia sources such as videos and podcasts.

To create quality content, companies need to exactly know what the needs of their customers are. Also, the topics used for articles should reflect the company’s products and services. That way, consumers will definitely find those articles helpful, while search engines would also understand that owing to the text-analyzing algorithms.

Web security

The online world is not as safe as we can imagine, so every platform and website should implement security measures. This helps to minimize the risks associated with data breaches and information leakages. Security has become of particular value to Google and other search engines because they prioritize the safety of users.

To get your website ranking higher, you need to make sure that your website corresponds to basic security requirements. Thus, you need to enable the SSL security certificate, create a sitemap with all your web pages, and embed the robots.txt file on your website,


It goes without saying that backlinks make up the driving force in any SEO marketing strategy. When you build backlinks from blogs, they boost the authority of the latter tremendously. Google values backlinks because those help search engines to understand better the value and the quality of content on a certain website.

While backlink management might be sometimes really tough, you should never underestimate its power. To accelerate the process of gaining links, it is recommended to buy effective backlinks for achieving results faster.

Internal linking

While almost every webmaster is focused on gaining backlinks, the power of building internal links is often neglected. Inserting links to your web pages on other internal pages within the same website can make miracles. Internal links help Google to comprehend the website structure, especially when it has dozens of pages, and equilibrate ranking for each page within the same domain.

Mobile-friendly design

Do you remember visiting a website on your smartphone some years ago? Probably, it was not displayed properly, which was really frustrating actually. This does not happen much these days as mobile-friendliness is one of the core factors valued by search engines currently.

When you create a website, think of how it will look on smartphones and tablets. The adaptiveness of the website to different platforms is associated with responsive design. That way, people would be able to see the information correctly regardless of the device type used.

Load speed

Due to the variety of resources available on the web, the competition level is getting higher each year. Thus, users are not likely to wait for ages once your website gets loaded. They would prefer to land on another online platform with a high load speed. You should consider this aspect and make all the necessary technical arrangements to assure the appropriate load speed.

User experience

The way consumers interact with the website is substantial when Google decides on the website ranking. It means that such parameters as bounce rate and average time on the website determine the quality of user experience. If visitors do not stay long on the website, it means that either design or the content layout is not appealing. Google Webmaster or other analytics tools together with the experts in the field would help to analyze those metrics and make appropriate decisions for further website improvement.