You can trace the position of a mobile device with a remote mobile tracker app online. Your lost or stolen phone or tablet can be recovered with the software. You may even use it to keep tabs on your kids with this app.

In addition to tracking the position of the kid’s mobile phone, you can also see call history, Internet searches, social media messages, and other relevant information about your spouses and employee.

The best free phone tracking apps are reviewed in this guide. It’s important to know that all of the free apps featured here can track your cell phone. Tracking activities on a mobile device can also be upgraded to a premium version for more advanced functionality.

Remote Mobile Tracker App Online

According to a recent Fact Check, the market for cell phone tracking apps is expected to grow to $2.9 billion by 2023. Since smartphones and GPS-enabled automobiles are becoming more popular, the market is estimated to rise at a CAGR of 12.9% over the forecast period.

Get to know different phone tracking applications before deciding which one is right for you. When evaluating an app, accuracy of location data is the most important consideration. The app you choose must be able to show you the exact location of your phone in real time.

As you are looking for the best Remote mobile tracker app online, here are some of our suggested apps.

  1. mSpy

Parents can monitor their children’s phone activity with the mSpy app. All iOS versions and most Android devices are supported by the app. Advanced features including a keylogger, internet filtering features, and secured data access are not found in other programmes.


  • Tracking of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.
  • Lost messages can be recovered.
  • Recording Software for the Computer Monitor
  • The use of specific keywords serves as an early warning system.
  • Websites/apps/contacts can be blocked remotely.


If you’re looking for a programme with a wide range of functions, mSpy is the best option. Android 4.0 and later and all iOS devices without Jailbreaking are supported.

  1. uMobix

It’s an advanced cell phone tracker, uMobix. You can keep tabs on your child’s smartphone or tablet at all times with this feature. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS. There are over 30 different social networking platforms that it can keep track of.


  • When a call comes in or goes out, the timestamps, duration, and caller information are all included in uMobix’s report.
  • SMS sent and received, as well as deleted, can be tracked.
  • It keeps track of where you’ve been in real time and remembers where you’ve been previously.
  • Keystrokes and passwords can all be recorded by this programme.


UMobix is a smartphone and tablet app that can help parents keep tabs on their children’s mobile devices. The programme is simple to install and use. It offers up-to-the-minute information in real time. This app is compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and Android OS 4+ devices.

  1. at

A smartphone tracking app for parents, schools, and companies, It’s invisible and can give you real-time updates on what’s going on. In addition to monitoring Live GPS, you can also spy on WhatsApp and Facebook with this app. It has the ability to recover messages that have been deleted. It has a total of 42 distinct traits.


  • Mobilespy has the ability to monitor up to 2000+ devices simultaneously.
  • It can be used on any social networking platform.
  • It monitors all of the phone’s information, including calls, texts, images, and more.
  • A Wi-Fi logger and location tracking are included.
  • The target phone’s data is protected by European data laws.


The bottom line is that Mobilespy makes it simple to keep tabs on virtually any smartphone in real time. It provides real-time updates on the status of all linked devices. The entire exchange of information is avoided. It’s a tool that includes a live dashboard, keylogger, and other features.


A remote mobile tracker app online appears to be a reasonable response to frequently asked queries like how can I track a person’s phone without their knowing?

Now you can use phone monitoring apps to gain access to someone else’s(kids, spouse, employee) phone without their knowledge. As the legality of these apps is so murky, it is understandable that most people approach them with scepticism.

Anyone caught using these apps without permission is facing serious consequences in today’s culture. Spyware programmes have their legal uses now, too, despite the fact that we’ve used them unethically in the past. Parents who are concerned about their children’s phone usage can use these apps to keep tabs on their children. I hope that you will find this article about remote mobile tracker app online helpful for you.