How to Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

Doors speak to the style and needs of the owner of a residential or office space. In many cases, conventional wooden doors are chosen because they are the most classic and cheapest option. But we can not ignore the glass sliding doors, which look very modern and stylish, filling the space of the house with natural light and fresh air. 

However, despite all the natural advantages of sliding glass doors, many people do not consider this option because of its perceived insecurity. But this is a myth. If you take enough safety measures, which we will consider in this article together with a specialist from, then glass doors will prove to be the best option for your home and will please you for a long time.

Quality Frames for Glass Sliding Doors

When you want a much more modern and minimalist look, frameless glass doors are often the choice. This is the perfect choice for offices because it looks really impressive. However, it’s better to consider a framed option in homes, creating extra protection, durability and adding a new touch to the house’s overall style. It is better to choose a wood or metal frame; this kind provides the best structural support. But what if an intruder decides to break the glass?

Double-pane Tempered Glass

This type of glass is several hundred times more resistant than conventional tempered glass. In addition to being harder to break, which will definitely take more time for the intruder and give you time to make a decision and take control of the situation, Double-pane tempered glass does not shatter into small pieces when broken. Such glass is easier to clean, and the chance of getting hurt by small pieces of glass is much lower.

Protective Films for Glass Sliding Doors

Another solution for protecting glass doors is protective films. Although tempered glass has a feature to prevent small fragments from a broken door, you can also add a safety film to increase safety and protection.  It can be purchased either immediately from glass sliding door installers or afterward from local glaziers. This film prevents glass breakage and resists forced entry.

In addition to reinforcing security films, use glazed or stained glass films to prevent the outside from seeing what is in your home. This reduces the risk of intruders entering, provides ample privacy, and makes your interior more secure without taking away precious natural light.

Quality Sliding Glass Door Lock

Securing sliding glass doors is a must: burglars target sliding glass doors because they are easy to force open. A quality sliding glass door lock is a locking mechanism with one or two bolts secured in place, thereby preventing an intruder from breaking open a sliding glass door. 

Also, purchase a locking bar that locks the track. It can be either metal or wood. The most important thing is that it fits the size of your track and does not deform it. You can create such a device yourself by cutting a piece of wood so that it fits snugly against the door track and the existing door jamb. 

Security Alarms

Security alarms are thought to be expensive, but they are not. There are models on the market in various price segments that require only a one-time monetary investment while providing maximum security capability. As soon as the door begins to move when the alarm is activated, a sound will alert you of an unauthorized entry. Not only will the presence of the alarm and the loud sound deter burglars, but it will also alert the entire neighborhood to what is happening. 

It is essential to periodically check the operation of the alarm system because poor quality devices or improper connection to the sliding glass door will not keep the intruder from entering.

Timely Repair and Maintenance of Glass Sliding Doors

Many sliding glass door owners overlook this point, thereby putting themselves and their families in danger and increasing the likelihood of the door breaking. There is nothing easier than keeping an eye on the condition of the tracks and rollers by which a sliding door moves. 

A glass sliding door should move smoothly along the track, nothing should interfere with it, and the door should lock quickly but firmly. Otherwise, you should lift the door slightly off the track and clean the dirt and debris underneath with a soft brush or rag. You can do it yourself, or you can call an exceptional service, which is sure not to damage your door. Remember, clean walkways and properly working rollers will prevent an intruder from lifting the door and bypassing the installed lock.

As you can see, you can get everything at once: a glass sliding door, which will delight you with its functionality and style, and a solid door, which will protect against the actions of attackers.