Whenever you notice that there is a slight chip or a crack in your windscreen, take it as a ticking time bomb that you must defuse on an immediate basis. Those minor damages might seem tiny to you, but they could be a disaster if you don’t replace the old windscreen with a new one.

Do you know? According to the NSW Government vehicle standards information, driving with a cracked windshield is illegal in Sydney, NSW. The traffic police can stop you and pick you up for driving with a defective windscreen.

That is why you must ensure replacing it before it’s too late. Unfortunately, most drivers are not aware of the severity of the windscreen replacement in Australia and keeping that in mind, we’ve shared the essential tips in the following article. So make sure to read it till the end.

#1: Give the car some time before you drive.

It is suggested to wait at least two hours before you start driving the car. Give proper time to the windshield sealant and adhesive to try. To achieve optimum results, ensure that the sealant is perfectly dried.

Always look for the shards of the old windshield before sitting in the car, as the technicians might forget to clean some of those while changing the windshield.

#2: Avoid visiting high-pressure car washes

Although high-pressure washes seem like a good idea to you just after you have replaced your windshield, you must give it some time before you take it to the high-pressure cleaners.

A high-pressure wash could result in damaging your newly placed windshield because it takes time for the adhesive to dry out and stick to the car. In any case, the car wash’s pressure might tear away the windshield entirely from the frame.

#3: Keep your windows ajar

When an adhesive seal is stressed from the inside, windshields often shatter. Summer heat tends to increase stress levels. It leaks windows when it contacts glass and sealant.

This could be brutal for your car and even yourself. To avoid this, roll down your window and open the air vents while entering a hot region. Leave your automobile in the shade when you park it.

#4: Keep the windshield replacement clear

Do not touch the windshield to check if it’s perfectly placed or not. Wait 24 hours before touching either side of the windscreen. Avoid putting any item near the windscreen because it might hit the windshield when you are driving your car somewhere.

Also, it’s crucial to get a windscreen replacement done from a certified professional in Sydney and not try to do it yourself for saving a few bucks.

#5: Do not remove the retention tape.

Car windscreen replacement technicians are known to use retention tape to make sure that the windshield moulding is held in its perfect place. The retention tape makes sure that no foreign elements dirty the adhesives.

Although it might not look great on your new windscreen, you must keep that in place for one or two days.

#6: Don’t cover up the windshield

It is recommended that you shouldn’t cover up your windshield once the replacement is done. Covering up the windshield might result in the quality of the output.

Also, avoid using sunshade on the inside of the car, and keep your dashboard free from clutter.

The Bottom-Line:

Car windshield replacement is a complex process, and there are a lot of things involved during the replacement and after it. Therefore it is recommended that you must keep the suggestions in mind and follow them accordingly.

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