If you are planning to appear for Bihar TET, then you also need to prepare for child development and Pedagogy subjects. As a teacher, you need to well prepare for different areas of child development that will be needed when you teach students of different sections.

The UGC NET does have this child development and Pedagogy subject and practicing for the same will certainly help during the teaching career. You need to prepare well in advance so that you can understand the subject and accordingly prepare for the same. This will later help in teaching students of different sections and fields.

However, to prepare for child development and pedagogy you need to be much focused. There are certain points you need to consider when preparing for child development and Pedagogy.

Understand the syllabus:

When you prepare for this section, it is important that you understand the syllabus well. Once you understand, you will be able to prepare well for the section. You can also divide some topics based upon the comfort level you want. There can be some topics, which are related to each other, and some do not. Hence, prepare the list of topics, which you find easy to study.

Analyse the Question

Since you will be working as the teacher, you need to carry a good analysing skill. This will help in preparing for this section of the exam. Under this point, you also need to analyse previous year question papers, and questions asked. This will give you an idea about questions that may come during the next entrance exam for this section. Preparing by analysing the question will help you in preparing for the Bihar CTET exam.

Concentrate on Important Topics

Before you implement a study plan, you also need to prepare notes and concepts of the topic. This will help in identifying important concepts and learn about the same. There are several concepts and theories that help in preparing for the exam.

Do a Mock Test

Mock test is the solution for every type of exam. Check for the previous year’s question papers of any specific subjects and you will find all set of questions available. Similarly, you can take up the mock test for this subject too so you will have a clear idea about questions that will be asked. During the mock test, you will also get to know your strength and weakness. Always work on your weakness, so you confidently appear for the exam.

In child development and pedagogy, there are different subjects, which you need to prepare well in advance. Some of this are-

  • The thought process of children and why some children fail to achieve success in school performance.
  • Basic teaching process and learning. Strategies adopted by children for learning, social context of learning and other areas.
  • Child as a scientific investigator.
  • Alternative conceptions of children learning and understanding errors of children.

Preparing tips for Pedagogy:

Pedagogy area is about the focus on the growth of learners. When you prepare for this area of the subject, there are certain tip to carry:

Child Characteristics:

To prepare for this section, reading too many books will not help but understanding learner’s characteristics. So analyse child characteristics, you need to consider:

  • What is the thought process of a child?
  • What are the constraints in the child’s learning?
  • What motivates and demotivates the child?

Approaches and Considerations:

You need to be familiar with approaches and considerations used for teaching a child effectively. This further helps in removing all the barriers in children’s learning process.