If you own an electric scooter then you should also know that it is essential to maintain it regularly so it doesn’t lose its original sound, control, and most importantly the overall performance that comes with it. Many people don’t tend to the maintenance of their electric scooters and thus end up paying huge sums for repairing and changing parts, and whatnot. But on the other hand, if you could simply tend to all these things yourself then a lot of problems can be avoided before these can even start. Following are some of the most important steps that you need to take if you own an electric scooter with seat that can be manually adjusted;

  1. Charging it regularly

If you charge your e-scooter regularly despite the fact that you might not be able to use it on a daily basis then it will surely increase the longevity of your e-scooter battery and keep it in an incredible condition for years to come. Your e-scooter normally has a Li-ion battery that is more expensive and can help you to store a high amount of charge that will charge or power your scooter down the road. If you make it a passive activity; charging your e-scooter then the cells on your Li-ion battery might get weak and wither slowly as a result you would have to change the whole battery.

  1. Keeping it clean and avoiding the rain

You need to tend to the overall cleaning of your e-scooter, it doesn’t mean that you need to give it a water bath because water will damage the electronic configuration running to and fro the e-scooter body. Therefore always use a dry form of cleaning your e-scooter such as using a dry cloth or a mixture of cleaning products that you can find in the market for automotive cleaning. Also, make sure that you can protect your e-scooter from heavy rainfall as it will damage most of the electronic components and render your e-scooter useless.

  1. Care for your electric scooter’s tires

The next thing that you need to maintain on your e-scooter is the tires, make sure that these are perfectly inflated and the pressure residing on its walls and around it is scalable and definite. There is no need to stray away from the user guidelines provided by your manufacturer, the most robust pressure recommendation falls anywhere from 35-45 psi, make sure that yours fall anywhere in this summary too otherwise there will be complications that you would have to face.

If you want to go far and want to increase your overall speed then it is recommended that you inflate your tire a little bit more which means increasing the overall pressure present within the tire. But on the other hand, if you want to go slow and there is a lot of resistance involved then make sure that your tire is not that inflated at all. The electric scooter for adults usually come with a dedicated user manual that will explain in detail what kind of settings you can tune for yourself and what settings should be left within the particular range provided by the manufacturer.