Poor electrical wiring can result in disasters or accidents that might burn your property. Don’t take any chances when hiring an electrician for residential or commercial electrical work. Here are some useful tips from Bates Electric to help you find a qualified electrician near you.

  1. Ask Around

Ask your friends or relatives for a recommendation to the best electrician they have used before. Ask your neighbors for recommendations too. You should come up with a list of potential electricians you can work with.

  1. Do Your Research

Check local electricians near you online. They are likely to be trustworthy especially if they have been around for a long time. Don’t compromise when it comes to experience as you search for a competent electrician. If you have a complex electrical system and a potential electrician hasn’t worked on it, look for someone with experience.

  1. Background Check

When looking for electricians to work on your home’s electrical needs, you need to check their background. Do they have a good reputation? Check the firm’s past or the specific electrician’s history as well as their track record to assess their reputation in the community. Don’t forget their skills and experience too.

  1. Ask For A Written Quote

Before hiring a residential or commercial electrician, you need to ask for a written quote. You need to know how much you will pay for the electrician’s services in advance. Make sure you sort out the relevant details about the payment method too.

  1. Ask About The Electrician’s Tools

Regardless of the type of job, the best electrician should come prepared with their tools. Whether it’s a simple repair job or a new installation, the electrician should have the tools for the job to make it easier.

  1. Licensed

Always hire a licensed electrician to handle your residential or commercial electrical needs. An electrician with a valid license has gone through the necessary training and skills to offer the best commercial and residential electrical services. As such, you should expect the best service.

  1. Proof Of Insurance

The best electrician should also be insured. Anything can happen during a simple electrical job. Therefore, hiring an insured electrician means that the liability will not fall to you.


Hiring an electrician for a residential or commercial job can be tough. However, with these tips, you can find the right contractor for the job. Always do your research to find the best local electrician to handle your commercial or residential electrical needs. Also, don’t hire an electrician because they are offering the cheapest prices. Rather, you need to assess the quality of work they provide before making a decision.