In a business, you may have noticed that traditional advertising is less effective. Even more than 70% of users don’t like mobile ads. So what can you do to connect your products to your audience effectively?

At this point, Instagram seems like a good solution for business owners. Recently, the audience of the platform has grown rapidly, exceeding 1 billion. Research shows on Instagram; users spend the longest time on e-commerce sites – 192 seconds on average. That’s almost twice as much as Facebook.

What content is doing the most business on Instagram?

You should have a content plan based on your own product and service segment. The first step of a successful Instagram strategy is to know your target audience well and to create content that will attract their attention.

Of course, this is not always as easy as it is said; apart from the high competition, there are also criteria such as visibility and sufficient followers. Here are four tips and examples you can use:

  1. Leverage user-generated content

One of the best ways to gain maximum Instagram followers and engagement is to encourage the user to generate content that includes your product or message. One of the successful examples of this approach is the Instagram campaign of Frank Body, a manufacturer of body care products based in Australia: He urged his followers to share their products with previously published hashtags, especially highlighting the body care product. Each post contained “#Let’sBeFrank” or “#TheFrankEffect”. Bold content encouraged users to post their own coffee scrub images using these hashtags.

Result: Over 25k user content rubbed with coffee and reached 350k users in 12 months.

2nd Prize Competition

Contests where you will present your company’s products always work on Instagram. The campaign gets stronger when you include user-generated content in the contest. To create content and promote giveaways, you can use a hashtag that will grab the user’s attention.

The Body Shop has created an incredibly attractive hashtag – #HealthyMoment – ​​to promote their new Fuji Green Tea product. He urged people to create content and participate in contest packs that showcase their “healthy moments” throughout the day.

The result: The brand received over 50,000 likes and saw a 200% increase in engagement. With this single gift, 225,000 people were reached.

  1. Show how your product is applied

Show users how to use your products in their lives to create engaging content on Instagram. Consumers are happy to get ideas and see which products are right for them. So keep your content as actionable as possible.

Retail clothing manufacturer Asos creates the attention it wants for its products by presenting seasonal clothing with combinations and the right accessories.

The result: 32k likes and 248 comments from a single post.

Another example is Gray Acuna, which tags multiple products in a single post. This post showcases a bag, an article of clothing, and Ray Ban eyewear at the same time. The post received over 700 likes.

Another popular category on Instagram: Food. If your products are food-related, share recipes, tips, suggestions about those products.

  1. Tell a story

Creating a story with your product engages consumers and creates a strong reason to click on your site and start shopping. This strategy works for almost all product categories.

For example, philanthropy: Water uses storytelling to describe the communities that benefit from clean water initiatives around the world. This Instagram post shows a community in Malawi reaching clean water because of the non-profit project.

Telling your brand story is a good way to build your online community. Posting images that reflect your behind-the-scenes work helps demonstrate your values. Most importantly, it provides a way for consumers to better understand your company and connect with your product.