TikTok is a service that has over 850 million monthly visits. In mid-2018, he broke all records and surpassed the number of Instagram downloads. Today it still occupies a leading position among free software in Google Play and the App Store.

What do we know about the TikTok service? What is the reason for its crazy popularity?

How are global brands using the app to promote and engage customers?

Consider the features of this social network. Let’s first look at why you need to deal with Tik Tok:

  • In 2018, TikTok acquired the popular music service Musical.ly, adding about 150 million users.
  • Tik Tok flourished in mid-2018.
  • During this period, the application managed to overtake the popular Instagram service in terms of the number of downloads.
  • The service captivates users with its simplicity and variety of functionality, great multimedia potential, and ample opportunities for launching interactive challenges.
  • The application employs special algorithms that allow newbies to quickly gain millions of views.

It is believed that the TikTok service will continue to gain popularity. A more mature audience will become interested in it, which will become a new stage of development. Brands and business accounts, a more solvent audience, will begin to enter here.

Therefore, in order not to miss the opportunity to get new customers or buy tiktok followers, we recommend starting brand promotion on Tik Tok today, while the competition here is much less than on Instagram.

The process of creating videos.

QR codes. Duet and reactions. Instagram users can easily figure out the service, since the functionality of these two applications is quite similar.

You can start working with TikTok without registration.

In this case, you will be able to scroll the tape with videos, and the creation of your own content will be limited.

If you want to fully use your account, you will have to register.

This will allow you to make full use of the functionality, create videos, set preferences for video output in the feed.

To get started with the application:

  • install and register (to enter your account, you can use data from another social network, phone or email).

Immediately after registration you will be taken to the feed. This is the main tab where all the space is reserved for content.

Initially, after registration, you will be offered popular videos (which have collected a huge number of likes and views).

Then you can independently configure the display of recommended content.


To view messages from other users, general account information and activities in the social network, the “Notifications” tab is provided.

It displays the started broadcasts, data on trends and upcoming events.

QR codes

In this application, as well as on Instagram, the ability to quickly search for a person, challenge or other activity using a QR code is available.

This opens up great opportunities for advertising campaigns.

You can find your QR code on your profile page.

Video recording

The main function of the application is video recording.

You can shoot a new video or upload an existing one from the gallery.

To shoot a video:

  • hold down the center button on the navigation bar;
  • if necessary, switch the camera, adjust the speed, select beauty filters;
  • to add music, tap on the sound icon at the top of the screen.
  • As soon as the video is ready, you will have access to the publication menu.

Here you can set privacy settings, take advantage of the ability to export the video to other social networks.

The video can be saved as a draft if necessary.

To find any video in the feed, use the regular search.

You can also look at charts or personalized lists.

If you’re having trouble generating content for social media, we recommend looking for content plan ideas here.

Duo and reactions

The duet is a fundamentally new format for the Tik Tok video.

The point is that part of the video is created by one user, and part – by another.

For this you need:

  • record a video;
  • click on the “Share” button while saving;
  • select the item “Duet”.
  • In the process of recording a duet, the second user will have access to the same functionality as you would when recording a regular video.

There are also reactions on this social network. It is an interactive video format that responds to another post.

To post a reaction, you need:

  • record a video;
  • click on the “Share” button while saving;
  • select the “Reaction” item.
  • After that, the video will be superimposed on the original in the form of a small reaction window.