As your company grows, it is important that the technological transition between the tools you currently use (which can be from Excel to custom software) and those offered by NetSuite, is as efficient as possible. It is evident that implementing a tool as robust as NetSuite implies a significant change in the way of working, so there will always be experts such as Anchor Group, who help to implement this software successfully.

NetSuite’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) allows you to execute any business strategy, regardless of the business branch, adapting to the needs of your organization.

NetSuite ERP scope

The NetSuite ERP allows the automation of internal company processes, managing the information of the different departments of your organization, the availability of information anywhere given its integration to the cloud, the generation of detailed financial reports and, consequently, the ease of decision making, which translates into time and cost savings.

And not only that, NetSuite is designed for a modern cloud-based business, freeing modern organizations from using outdated systems. At its core, NetSuite is a dynamic and easy-to-use platform designed so that all users in an organization can access it from any device, at any time.

Even more possibilities

When you think this tool couldn’t be better, NetSuite offers the unification of Retail and/or e-commerce POS systems for order management, inventory management, merchandising, marketing, finance, and customer service.

In addition to the above, a NetSuite implementation provides cloud finance, CRM, NetSuite SuiteCommerce, and professional services automation management for all kinds of organizations, from rapidly expanding midsize businesses to large organizations with a presence in multiple countries. Additionally, each NetSuite component is modular, allowing it to be deployed and integrated with existing ones, as required.

Scopes of the Oracle NetSuite platform.  Global ERP designed for companies of any size

With NetSuite your company can:

  • Climb easily. Regardless of whether your company starts operating in another state of the republic or starts operating in another country, NetSuite adapts to the realities of each company.
  • 360 view of your company: Using business intelligence (BI: Business Intelligence), provide processed information in real-time on the key performance indicators of your organization. Rest assured, you can make the best decisions, based on the information and not on hunches.
  • Future-proof your business – NetSuite is always improving. With this, it adapts to the needs of your organization, intending to provide tools that will be useful to you at all times.

How do I know if my company needs NetSuite?

A cloud-based system is suitable and even necessary for all types of companies, both multinationals, and growing companies. It is thanks to the various adaptable and customizable modules of NetSuite that any organization can implement the ones it needs.

With NetSuite mobile app, you consolidate the growth of your company with a vision for the future.