Last year has been stressful and risky for most people, and this negative spirit could be spotted at Wolf Street too. Despite how hopeless and desperate last year was, most of us are looking towards new beginnings, new opportunities, and some substantial changes in our lives. If you are willing to improve your financial status and you’re considering an investment in the stock market for that, then you are in the right place. Below are provided some tips for beginners in investing, to improve their expertise about the hacks of investing and make them better aware of what they are stepping into.

1. Avoid making quick decisions

The Internet is full of all sorts of information however too much information is hurtful sometimes. Try to avoid reading information about stock markets and prices on unreliable websites and using them to make up your mind about certain things. Be more careful when analyzing the sources of your information and always double-check the information.

2. Savings account- your last resort

If you are just a beginner in the financial market, then you should know that a savings account is something you want to avoid because it generates low profit.  The profit from the savings account is low, but so is the risk you are taking when investing in a savings account. On the other hand, if you’re someone who enjoys a sense of stability and security, then you can invest in a savings account and enjoy the time after retirement.

3. Have a shallow understanding of how the stock markets operate

For beginners, it might be very confusing to figure out where to invest. It would be safe and more reliable for you to invest in a company that is already popular and known worldwide. So, you can feel safe about the returns on your investment. It is also understandable that as a beginner you might be avoiding investing large sums of money, but committing to a company that is safe will benefit you in the long-run.

4. Not considering external factors when you are making an investing decision

It is vital to be informed about all the aspects and elements of your decision and most importantly its consequences. Whether it will be COVID-19 vaccinations or Joe Biden becoming the next president in the next couple of days, you need to evaluate and measure the impact these might have on future stock prices. Since external factors have an impact not only on your investment choice but also on the entire financial market.

5. Do not let your emotions affect your decisions

One of the first things they teach you in the economics class is that human expectations are often determinant of changes occurring in the market. Therefore, it is not advisable to take every change seriously or overreact. The best idea is to be realistic and see things as they are. Some people prefer to be more pessimistic than realists because then you are prepared for the worst. However, this approach can be dangerous in the stock market. If you are a pessimist in the stock market, then you are always losing.


We all need a piece of advice when we are starting a new project. Hence, this article looked into some factors affecting beginner investors’ decisions negatively. Investing can be profitable but risky, especially if you are using information acquired from social media websites. It is crucial to have reliable sources of information from a reliable source. On social media platforms, the reliability of the page is often measured by the number of followers. No matter the followers are purchased on websites like Socialgreg or obtained naturally the number of followers is always determinant of trust. However, we would still suggest double-checking the information obtained online, no matter how trustworthy and reliable the initial source is. Taking all of these factors into consideration contribute to improving your skills and making you better at investing.