SEO Company in India helps you to drive more traffic on the website. But, how will you make the visitor stay or find your products interesting? Business owners need to understand the thought process of customers before launching the website on the web. Visitors have lots of questions that they seek answers on the website. Have you included their questions in your site?

Whenever you approach SEO Company in Dubai to give your website a significant push, they suggest for FAQs on your website. Why FAQs?

Well, FAQs means ‘frequently asked questions’ that help in improving SEO rankings as Google takes it as valuable input and a trusted platform for customers to visit. Search engines love the FAQ page and if you have crafted a well-written and deeply-informed FAQ page on your website then, it is a great way to show online customers that you care about their experience and you can directly respond to their needs and search queries.

FAQ content help in driving traffic to the website. In most of the cases, business owners use the FAQs as a content marketing strategy. Note down these reasons on why you should create an SEO-friendly FAQ.

  • It improves SEO rankings as Google values that your website is focused on helping other people to get the information for taking any product decisions.
  • It builds trust in the business and attracts customers.
  • It helps with customer service inquiries.

So, if you want the most out of the FAQ then, you should project it rightly. Include these five ways to make things comprehensive.

Tip 1. Make sure to plan relevant FAQs

Before you start creating a FAQ page, it is important to focus on the right questions to educate your visitors about the services or products that you provide. It will require a complete research, planning, and strategies to plan out the right FAQs. If you sell products or services that could make people puzzle about then, it’s better to provide as many FAQs as you could to make them understand about the products or services.

Plus, you should use keyword research tools that help you detect the most popular keywords people use around the web.

Tip 2. Structured data implementation

Addition of structured data in the FAQ page is a smart way to become appealing in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and drive more benefits in the niche. Once you implement structured data, it will become easy to make the content eligible to show questions & answers on the Google search.

Tip 3. Take visual help

Pictures impact strongly on the visitors’ mind. It explains the concept, grabs all the attention, and make the process of learning easy. Make use of outstanding images, graphics, or videos to add more visual appeal to the FAQ page and make it simple for visitors to get a clear answer.

Bottom line,

Hence, before connecting with the SEO Company in Ahmedabad ensure to find out what your potential customers seek out from your products or services.