Math isn’t really for everyone. A few may revel in it, some may get by as average, but some simply find math difficult. Students just find math not only challenging but hard to understand especially when it comes to breaking down a problem and effectively solving them. They have a hard time understanding anything algebraic or with equations and trigonometric concepts. Parents understand this and do their best to address the low math grades of their children. Unfortunately, instead of getting a personal or online math tutor, some parents turn to punitive actions. Although these actions carry good intentions, they all tend to fail or are, at most, only corrective. Sadly, some parents do these measures to save money. Learn more here about math tutoring.    

The most corrective measures parents take are:

Limiting Television or Recreational Time

This is normal for all students when parents set a study period for their children to devote full time to studying, assignments, projects, etc. But when parents further decrease recreational playing or television time, including during weekends, so their children can spend more time studying math, this becomes counterproductive. All children need time for themselves, and taking this away from them will not improve their math grades.

Limiting or Taking Away their Internet/Online Time

This is definitely even more counterproductive than the former mentioned. Some students facing difficult topics in maths actually turn to the internet for help. They search for self-explaining write-ups or videos on difficult math topics. Unfortunately, the help that comes from these is limited, at best. Also, these articles or videos don’t have the right “personal touch” given by professional math tutors.

Parents as Tutors

Parents just don’t make the best tutors. They may think they can tutor their children because they know their children better than anyone else (and save money in the process), but there is more to math tutoring than just parenting. Better those parents know this now rather than finding out later after their children receive a failing math grade.

Most parents don’t have the proper academic and teaching expertise that professional tutors have. Just because parents have gone through the same Singapore math curriculum and understand math concepts doesn’t make you good at explaining them. Also, it’s easier for a professional tutor to be patient when tutoring. Unfortunately, many parents tend to scold if their children cannot grasp something at once. And believe us when we say, parents will be hard-up to find time to tutor. Parents might think an hour maybe twice or three times a week isn’t a big deal, but when you factor in that you are already tired from work, plus parenting and other adult responsibilities, this becomes a recipe for parents to lose their focus – or temper – while tutoring.

Peer or Classmate Tutoring

Like parental tutoring, the effectiveness of peer or classmate tutoring is limited, at best. While it does have its short term benefits, there is no clear or cited large-scale evidence to show that peer or classmate teaching meets all standards for quality when it comes to tutoring or learning. Also, it will be hard for parents to monitor the sessions if the tutoring takes place in school. If parents insist that tutoring take place at their home, this now places a burden on the other student who also needs time to study, plus given the travel time involved. The bottom line is that student tutoring can never take the place of math tutoring by professional and experienced tutors.

Online tutoring from FamilyTutor

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