Credit: cottonbro via Pexels

This past year, along with its many other challenges, have caused quite the ripple effect on how we view jobs in 2021. Millions of workers lost their jobs, and many who continued work experienced the adjustment of working remotely. As the unemployed or even those looking for a change begin to go out and look for a new job, they’ll notice the job hunt isn’t what it used to be. Workplace environments have become more digital, and so has the hiring process.

For employers looking for new candidates, there’s uncertainty with hiring an employee externally. They’re taking a risk. Sometimes these hires can disrupt the workforce by requiring training and more that may not contribute to the company’s success. This is where recruitment agencies fill in the gap.

Why are employers looking at agencies?

The middleman, the agency, helps reduce the fear of potential wrong choices. Agencies scout and hire the best in their field and reduce the potential risk of incompatibility quickly. When hiring, these agencies know the employees, and they know what the client needs.

Think of recruitment as a match-making service. The agency knows what you want and what the client needs; all you need is the middleman. The company knows how to produce and select quality workers in different niches. Businesses looking for motivated, sales-driven candidates will look at sales recruitment agencies to ensure easier transition and seamless increase in sales.  

How does this benefit future employees?

Once you start working with a recruitment agency in your field, they will begin to match you with a client. Recruitment is about filling the clients’ needs, and candidates will not be moved forward in a position they do not meet the criteria for. There will be less stress on the job hunt front and more accuracy filling positions. Candidates, both employees and employers alike, can benefit from being specific about the obtained or desired skillsets to ensure well-matched opportunities.

Where did this need for agencies arise from?

Recruitment agencies have been around for decades. However, last year and its ongoing impacts gave companies the opportunity for growth as the need for new roles and necessary role changes has grown exponentially.

In addition to filling new roles and obtaining hires with unique sell sets, with the COVID-19 vaccine becoming available to a larger crowd and businesses opening back up, companies will be looking to fulfill roles faster than before. Agencies create an environment that allows employers and employees alike to succeed and improve in the workforce. For companies who are doing mass hiring, there’s more benefit in connecting to an agency that can assist in searching for the right employee than taking the process on their own.

In the last few months alone, we’ve seen the job market open up and add thousands of jobs. While it may not have been the projected number of positions has not yet been reached, these opportunities are still creating potential in hopeful workers. As more postings occur in the months to come, working with an agency will help you stand out and scale more efficiently.

It’s no surprise that the recruitment process has changed this past year. Many motivated, well-educated workers have begun looking to agencies to help them connect with the right employer.