You are definitely using a consumer electronic device such as a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet while reading this article. In fact, electronic devices have now become an inseparable and indispensable part of our lives.

The technology and the products it brought into our lives have claimed such an important place that you can’t even imagine life without these appliances. Electronics knowledge and machinery are empowering our world in the present time. Innovation in electrical technology has transformed the way of working and entertainment in every aspect.

All appliances of electronics allow the transmission of power and possibly information. Electronic devices come in all sizes from mini Bluetooth headphones to large electricity-generating transformers.  

Common Consumer Electronic Devices Include:

  • Displays
  • Mobile Devices
  • Robotics
  • Household & Kitchen Appliances
  • Power Supply
  • Computer/Laptops
  • Audio and Video Systems
  • Home Security System
  • IoT (Internet of Things)

Do you know that China is by far the top electronics production location? According to Statista, consumer electronics manufacturing revenue is expected to reach US$363,973 million by the end of 2020 that is projected to be largely manufactured in China for the next decade.

Why Electronics Is Important Is Our Lives?

We all know how electronics products have made our life easier. It is part of every professional field such as bio-medical instruments, metrology, scientific instrument, weather monitoring, mining & extraction, media industry, research & development, agronomics, and good old office applications.

It is important to make all types of products that bring comfort to the lives of people. Making new advances in electronics products not only saves time but also boost cognitive and analytical abilities. 

No individual can deny the beneficial role of electronic products. In the health sector, it is electronic devices help in diagnosing the diseases. The medical electronic devices help the doctors to monitor the heartbeat of patients, record body functions, clinical testing, hearing aid, and use drug-releasing pumps to save the lives of a human being. Just look at the Apple Watch as a famous current example.

The Role of Electronics in Future

Analyzing the present performance of the electronic sector and electrical engineering predicts that the future of the electronics industry is bright. Companies and brands are coming up with more and more advance gadgets and machines.  

There is no future without electronic engineering knowledge and gadgets.  Every year we see thousands of new products are introducing in the electronics sector. Technological advancement is making the electronic sector grow rapidly.  

Several new emerging technologies that are making its impactful place in the electronics sector like autonomous car radars & sensors, food testing, 5G telecommunication, satellite communication, and embedded IT systems, and much more.

Problems New Startups Face in Developing and Running an Electronics Based Business

Every year many entrepreneurs and graduated electrical engineers step into this industry to bring something more interesting and impactful. They try their best to come up with better and cheaper goods.

The newcomers and small business community of electronic face a lot of challenges. It is not easy to make a mark and a strong position in the market immediately as there are a lot of competitors in the market. Furthermore, electronics product design and mass production are not easy to realize as a beginner.

Newcomers, startups, or small to medium businesses often face any of the following difficulties in getting the right support. Its sometimes gets hard for startup businesses because you have to:

  • Follow electronic trends
  • Understand uncertain customers demand 
  • Work according to short product lifecycle 
  • Making eco-friendly electronic products 
  • Efficiently manage the services and warranty
  • Producing less power consumption products
  • Understand complex global supply chain
  • Effectively monitor quality control 
  • Arrange of cost-efficient mass production and scaling  
  • Maintain good process structures
  • Work according to industry and product certification standards

How to Support and Resolve the Problem Faced by Electronic Industry 

The electronic industry is a big and prosperous market. Still, it needs to be transformed by constant support for bringing improvements and great innovations. The startup planners and entrepreneur of the electronic sector must be provided with growth opportunities. 

The major challenge of electronics manufacturers is to make environment-friendly and high- quality products. Green electronic manufacturing helps in the reduction of waste and avoidance of harmful substances.

It is not easy to follow the new trends and constantly come up with new flexible innovation so that governments and investors support the newcomers by giving them loans and subsidies. The small business must be provided with practical advice and good infrastructure. 

Professional product design and a strategic management plan help in achieving the objective of the industry and provides support in handing uncertain challenges. To meet the demands of customers, it is highly important to support the industry in the best possible way. 

The Solution for Startups & SMEs

Electronics manufacturing services providers such as Intrepid Sourcing have and are helping many startups from idea creation to developing products under the complete quality assurance that will not only fit your buyer’s need but also helps in building your company as a brand and generate more revenue.

Do you know that Intrepid Sourcing is specialized in PCB, which is the backbone of every electronics item? No laptop, counter, scanner, medical device, or any electronic product can work at all without a circuit board that is custom-designed for a specific requirement to perform expected actions.

There is no one-fits-all solution for you. Intrepid Sourcing is providing the complete solution of designing and making your circuit board so that corresponds exactly to your needs. Their highly qualified engineers are devoted to developing a better concept (from mockup to 3D files), more reliable PCB, fast prototyping of your product, and production in bulk at low cost, including the case and assembly.

In A Nut Shell

The electronics industry has brought big innovations and comfort to the world. Thousands of electronic gadgets, machinery, and robotic tools are developed every day. Electronics has made its strong place in the present and it has still huge growth potential in the coming years as well when more and more analog devices will go online. Furthermore, electronics manufacturing has never been as cheap and accessible as today.