What if we told you that we had the perfect formula to increase your mental alertness and cognitive abilities? Sounds too good to be true, right? The good news is you can achieve better brain health with a simple drug – yes, it is nootropics!

If you find yourself where you think that your productivity is decreasing, you’re not alone. Nootropics stacks are the way out and accurate solution to this situation.

The nootropics stacks are increasingly becoming the preferred performance-enhancing method for working professionals and university students. Why? It is because of their long-lasting and potentially powerful effects.

However, there are various nootropic stacks available in the market, and it can be challenging to spot the best one. Here, we will be exploring the best nootropics stacks in the market and other related topics. Let’s get started!

What are Nootropics Stacks?

Simply explaining, nootropics stacks are nothing but a combination of several other nootropics. The manufacturers combine two or more nootropics to deliver a better and more beneficial variant.

Generally, the nootropic stacks can be within or between different types of nootropics. Mixing within the category implies a mix of natural nootropics or a mix of racetams. A nootropic stack is a mix of nootropics means a combination of natural and racetams drugs.

Nootropic stacks come in a multitude of combinations. You can stack various types of natural nootropics, synthetic nootropics, or even combine both. The dilemma that comes with building nootropic stacks is variety.

Because of the myriad of natural and synthetic nootropics available, picking the right ones for combining is an overwhelming task. For this reason, the majority of nootropics stack consumers opt for store-bought options.

Reasons to Stack Nootropics:

  • To achieve a better synergy between different nootropics.
  • Enhance the effects of nootropics by combining them.
  • Prevent the side effects of single nootropics.
  • Get better advantage of nootropic health benefits.

The Three Best Nootropics Stack of 2021

Currently, the market has various nootropics stacks from several brands. Here’s a list of three of the best nootropics in the market. This section will give you complete information on where to buy, how to use it, a list of ingredients, and everything else you should know about the drugs.

1.     Brain Pill


Supplements like Brain Pill have taken the market by storm. It is a natural nootropic that enhances flexibility, mental health, and cognitive abilities. These high-impact natural nootropic stacks work by improving the blooding circulation in your brain cells.

The pill helps consumers combat forgetfulness and boost mental alertness. Are you suffering from cognitive decline? Well, that’s all the more reason why you should consider taking Brain Pill. If you are in between 40-50 years, this drug can help stimulate better mental abilities.

Brain Pill also claims to offer mental clarity and reduce brain fog. With this pill, you’ll learn things as quickly as children. One of the most prominent issues that come with aging is dozing off. Dozing off is not only embarrassing but also dangerous.

Regular consumption of Brain Pills can make you more alert and prevent such situations. You face all these situations because your brain is not receiving all the nutrients to function correctly. Brain pill supplements the nutrient cravings of your brain to aid functioning.

Brain Pill Features

  • 67-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Natural brain enhancing complex formula
  • Top-notch quality standardized Citicoline and Bacopa.
  • Prevents brain fog
  • Boosts learning abilities

Brain Pill Ingredients

Here’s a complete list of ingredients of Brain Pill:

  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Citicoline
  • DHA Complex
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Huperzine A
  • L Theanine
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Tyrosine
  • Vinpocetine
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B9

How Does Brain Pill Work?

The active and natural ingredients in Brain Pill work exceptionally well and efficiently together. This nootropic improves the blood circulation to the brain. As a result, there’s an increased oxygen supply in your brain.

Also, nootropics help prevent brain degeneration. Therefore, many healthcare professionals also recommend Brain Pill for Alzheimer’s. The Citicoline in Brain Pill is a natural and effective brain booster.

The Cognizing in Citicoline raises dopamine, acetylcholine neurotransmitters, and noradrenaline levels in the brain. These formulas are responsible for the smooth functioning of the brain.

Huperzia Serrata, another herb in the Brain Pill, helps the brain perform well even under pressure. The other ingredients contribute to higher intelligence and improved focus.

How to Consume Brain Pill?

To achieve the desired results, you should take only one pill per day before performing the intended activity. You must refrain from the temptation of overdose, as it has critical health effects. You must remember to consume plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Though Brain Pill has 100% natural ingredients, it might have side effects with overdose. The general overdose side effects consist of insomnia, diarrhea, and headache.

If you follow the suggested dosage, you are less likely to face all the side effects. To boost the product’s efficiency, exercise your brain with puzzles and mental stimulation games.

Brain Pill Pros

  • It can reduce forgetfulness and treat depression.
  • Brain Pill is 100% natural and assures safe use.
  • The product also improves cognitive function.
  • Mnaufacturer also provides a money-back guarantee.
  • The antioxidant properties of the pill also slow aging.
  • This product has reasonable pricing.
  • You can also achieve mental alertness with Brain Pill.

Brain Pill Cons

  • Users claim that the pills give them headaches.
  • It takes time to show prominent results.

How to Buy Brain Pill and What is the Price?

Brain Pill is available across many online and offline stores. However, we always recommend you to buy from a genuine and verified seller. You can purchase Brain Pill directly from the official website of the brand.

At Brain Pill’s official site, you can also receive free shipping on select orders at any USA address.

Alternatively, you can also buy Brain Pill from a Prime seller at Amazon. Currently, the price of Brain Pill on Amazon is $69.95. For this price, you get a pack of 60 capsules.

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2.     Performance Lab Mind


Performance Lab Mind aims to improve the cognitive abilities of the consumer in several ways. The best thing about buying Performance Lab Mind is that it follows a vegan-friendly formula. This formula claims to affect your mood, focus, memory, mental processes, and sharpness.

Performance Lab Mind has nootropics ingredients, which are very different from those in the market. The product does not contain any unnecessary additives. Because of this, Opti Nutra, the manufacturer, has able to keep the price tag low.

The exciting yet assuring fact about these pills is that they undergo manufacturing in GMP-certified facilities. It allows the Performance Lab Mind pills to deliver better quality and results to its consumers.

What sets the Performance Lab Mind pills apart? Well, these pills only have four ingredients. The supplement suits people who are looking for better energy levels and brain health. Most importantly, the supplement does not consist of caffeine.

Are you worried about your habit of forgetting the most basic of things? In that case, you should consume the Performance Lab Mind to help your mind retain information and allow it to set in quests to learn new things.

The supplements also include L-Tyrosine in their ingredients. You may not be aware, but the L-Tyrosine will help you to stay calm in stressful scenarios.

Performance Lab Mind Features

  • All-in-one cognitive enhancer
  • No pointless additives
  • Allergens, GMO, herbicides, microbes, and pesticide-free formula
  • Suits vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diet

Performance Lab Mind Ingredients

  • Citicoline
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract
  • L-Tyrosine

How Does Performance Lab Mind Work?

Performance Lab works by catalyzing three different human body processes to achieve its desired results. It supports mitochondria, boosts blood flow in the brain, and aids neurogenesis.

Mitochondria aids the metabolic processes that are necessary for the human body to produce energy. Supporting the mitochondria allows the supplement to enhance brainpower and reduce numerous brain diseases significantly.

Performance Lab Mind also does an excellent job of maintaining an uninterrupted cerebral blood flow. It aids the flow of blood through cerebral arteries and a network of veins towards the brain. It helps the brain to extract oxygen from the fresh blood.

An increase in blood flow enhances executive functions and verbal fluency. A recent study also claims that increased blood flow also contributes to a reduced risk of dementia.

Neurogenesis is the process of the formation of new neurons in the human brain. These cells are a fundamental element of the nervous system and transmit information all over the body. Neurons also indulge in receiving and decoding information.

How to Consume Performance Lab Mind?

Performance Lab Mind recommends a dosage of a maximum of 1-2 capsules per day. That means a single bottle with 30 pills will last for 15 days to one month. You should consume the Mind capsules milk or other dietary fat sources like MTC oil.

Additionally, the manufacturer also suggests taking the supplement along with the first meal of the day. If you miss the dosage of Performance Lab Mind, don’t worry. Just make sure to take the next dose as soon as possible!

Performance Lab Mind Pros

  • It constitutes potent and pure ingredients.
  • A third-party agency tested and verified its potential.
  • A knowledgeable and friendly customer service backs this product.
  • It comes with a 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee.
  • It enhances all the spheres of cognitive performance.
  • The manufacturer mentions all the ingredients and quantities of the product.

Performance Lab Mind Cons

  • You may not feel its effect immediately after consumption.
  • This nootropic needs stacking with other similar nootropics for desired results.

How to Buy Performance Lab Mind and What is the Price?

There are many sources through which you can buy the Performance Lab Mind capsules. However, the only reliable spot to buy the supplement is the brand’s official website. You can avail of worldwide shipping from the website.

Also, Performance Lab Mind insists that they never offer any promos or discount codes for their products. However, the brand regularly treats its customer base with special limited-time offers through emails.

All the Performance Lab Mind supplements come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. A single box of 30 capsules costs about $49.00. You can avail discounts by buying more bottles at a time.

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3.     Powher


Powher is a pre-workout supplement for women that increases focus and energy while improving women’s strength training and gym performance. Being a nitrate-rich supplement and organic caffeine source, Powher makes rounds as a product for ladies performing resistance gym workouts.

Powher helps the women to harness energy along with maintaining mental awareness throughout their day. The supplement can improve your stamina and strength while exercising. It also works by making it easier for your body to pump oxygen all around.

Ultimate Life manufactures this supplement. It is one such company that is focused on female-centered fat burning and workout supplements. The website claims that the Powher can give the “Victoria’s Secret” body to the women who desire it.

Powher packs its supplement with impressive ingredients. It’ll significantly improve your fitness and physical performance. What’s more, the product arrives in a bright and delightful pink shade in a pink lemonade flavoring.

This supplement has a design to trigger slow energy release to keep you energetic even during beastly workouts. It is the perfect pre-workout kick for women who struggle to cope up with heavy exercises.

Powher Features

  • A perfect supplement for intense workouts
  • Zero side effects with low stimulant formula
  • Avoids muscle pumping ingredients
  • Boosts endurance capacity
  • It is specifically formulated for women.

Powher Ingredients

  • Enextra
  • Oxyjun
  • Rednite
  • Coconut Water Powder
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Citrulline Malate
  • Naturally-sourced Caffeine
  • Beta Alanine Carnosyn
  • Taurine
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12

How Does Powher Work?

The main aim of Powher is to offer the consumers an abundant dose of energy before a workout and deliver mental alertness. Powher achieves its goals by including a tested and effective ingredients list.

The vitamin concentration in this nootropic contributed to deduction in fatigue and tiredness. Additionally, the vitamins also promote standard energy release and regular mental performance.

The main boost of Powher comes from natural caffeine and EnXtra. Caffeine is a stimulant that boosts productivity and lifts mood. Most critics claim that this product achieves the right mix of pre-workout energy-boosting ingredients.

Citrulline in Powher allows it to aid in blood circulation and flow. As a result, the consumer gains better output and higher endurance. On the other hand, Taurine helps Powher to be a fantastic workout recovery supplement.

How to Consume Powher?

According to the Powher label, it claims that one tub has about 25 servings. Each scoop is approximately 10 g and contains all-natural ingredients. The manufacturer recommends consuming one scoop of the supplement along with 8 ounces of water.

Take a scoop, fill your tumbler with water, and shake! Keep stirring or shaking until the powder blends smoothly. For the best results, consume the Powher drink at least half an hour before your workout time.

You might feel bloated if you drink it right away and start the workout. If you are a gym rat that exercises daily, you must take the supplement every day for the best outcome.

Powher Pros

  • It offers prominent gains and results.
  • Powher helps enhance muscles without giving a manly or bulky look.
  • This supplement consists of natural and healthy caffeine sources for a more prolonged energy-boosting impact.
  • The supplement delivers enhanced alertness, energy, and sustained focus during workouts.

Powher Cons

  • It is low on Citrulline as compared to similar drugs.
  • The formula of Powher contains an artificial sweetener.

How to Buy Powher and What is the Price?

Powher has been creating a lot of buzz in the fitness industry. To avoid scams and waste your money, we suggest that you buy Powher only from the official website. Their bespoke supplements will quickly arrive at your doorstep once you place the order.

There is no denying that the Powher supplement has a higher price point than that its competitors. There are much cheaper alternatives out there in the market. However, not all of them might be as effective as Powher.

A tub of Powher costs about $49, which will last for almost a month. Moreover, you can also avail of discounts by purchasing multi-box. You will also receive free shipping from the website if you order two or more items in a single order.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Nootropics Stacks

We agree that nootropics stacks offer so much information that they might be challenging to process. It is difficult to understand which nootropic stack is efficient. There are multiple products and brands for nootropics, but not all of them can guarantee proven results.

So, how do you buy the right nootropic? How can you tell if you have the best nootropic stack? Here’s a list of things that you should consider while purchasing a nootropic for the first time.


Of course, nobody wants to overpay their pills. But, it’s better to consider how they produce it and what’s inside it. High-quality ingredients with high dosage do not come cheap. When it comes to nootropics, it’s very much true that you get what you pay for!

So, before you go ahead and grab the cheapest out of the lot, make sure it’s not just all sugar. Price is a significant factor when it comes to the drug industry. The excellent quality, branded stuff comes with a hefty price tag, but their benefits are valuable too.


It’s better to pop one pill during the early hours of the day and then forget about it. However, most of the nootropic stacks do not work that way. In general, all nootropics have different dosages. Some brands recommend only one pill a day, while others might suggest even three.

The dosage heavily depends on personal preferences. It depends on your condition. It’s better not to overdose on pills by taking anything else than the recommended dosage. Make sure to read the dosage instruction carefully.


We are all aware of the effects of green tea and ginseng. However, they are not the only active ingredient in all the pills. Make sure to read all the blends and combinations in the capsules. Try to check out the individual side effects of all the ingredients.

Generally, most of the nootropics stack promise safety, but it is better to do your research work. Check for blends that might be known to trigger allergies in you.


You can achieve a sugar rush from a can of energy drink or a cup of coffee. However, do not mix it with the effect of the goodness of the nootropic pill. Yes, all the nootropics pills will have a short-term impact. But you must look for a supplement that offers long-term benefits.

Therefore, it is not right to grab the first thing you see in the rack because it concerns your health. Take some time to know about the positive and negative effects of the supplement.


The Bottom Line

The perfect nootropic stacks offer a complete source of ingredients to boost performance and cognitive abilities. The right mix of nootropics can enhance memory, improve focus, and boost mood, along with reducing anxiety.

Our vote for the best nootropic stack goes to Performance Mind Lab. It is the top-pick for nootropic stack because of its rigorous testing techniques and inclusion of quality ingredients. The benefits of this nootropic stack overpower the cons.

However, you should keep in mind that nootropic stacks do not claim to have magical health benefits. Also, there are specific nootropic stacks for different purposes. It’s better to research the drug in-and-out before consuming it.