We all have our reasons why we pick a specific neighborhood to invest in for a new condo. It can be for city life, easy access to transportation, or simply fits our current budget.

Whatever those reasons are, choosing the right neighborhood is crucial for us. If you’re wondering about the best neighborhoods to buy a condo in Toronto, here are some top 5 spots that you need to look into.

1. Downtown Toronto

The choice of so many youngsters and business folks, Downtown Toronto is the heart of the city. It’s an area where you see all the spectacular skyscrapers, Michelin-star restaurants, incredible nightlife, and all the best offerings of city living. Popular attractions are also nestled in this neighborhood with CN Tower and the Royal Ontario Museum. Downtown Toronto lives up to the expectation if you like the fast-paced, modern, and high-end city living.

2. Yonge-Eglinton

If you don’t feel all the hustle and bustle of the city life, you can opt for a neighborhood around Midtown Toronto, Yonge-Eglinton. It’s one of the four major business districts in the city. Although you’re not in the Downtown area, getting a condo here will still give you the privilege to enjoy easy access to transportation, shopping area, entertainment, and job opportunities.

3. Riverdale

Riverdale can be the answer to your question if you like a charming neighborhood with such hip vibes and cool shops to check out. It’s a mix of the young and old population, making the area livelier and thriving in the past years. It’s known for its unique and trendy shops that you won’t see in the central area. If you’re planning to start a business as well, you’ll have a better chance to thrive in this area.

4. Cabbagetown

The neighborhood of Cabbagetown might have a history of being a low-income neighborhood. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good place to pick for a condo. This image has changed throughout the years and has invited more residents to settle down in the area. It is currently the center for foodies because of all the pop-up restaurants and street food in the area. If you like enjoying good food while on a budget, then Cabbagetown seems to be a good idea.

5. Liberty Village

This neighborhood has gained popularity since the influx of the real estate market. Although located in the city, it’s still quite away from all the hecticness and busy life which most people loved. Within a 20-minute drive, you’ll reach the city pretty easily, making it a better alternative to find a safer and affordable neighborhood to live in.

Whatever your choice of neighborhood is, Condo Mapper has the best Condo listings that you need to watch out for. You can filter your search according to your chosen neighborhood, current budget, and condo specifications. Overall, it’s a perfect spot to start your condo hunting in the heart of Toronto.