Liquid level sensors often carry different types of liquid, ranging from harmless water to highly flammable PMS. It is important to always be aware of the condition of the content of liquid containers at all times, to avoid any unwanted surprises. This is where Innovative Components comes in! Innovative Components is a leading manufacturer of liquid level float switches and temperature sensors for a wide range of industries. We give exactly what you need. Learn more about our products:

Float Switches

These are used to detect liquid level in any type of water container. They work with a simple mechanism: when the level of liquid in the container rises to the level of the float switch, or goes below the standard, it triggers an electronic display, an alarm goes off to notify the operator, or it turns off the source of the liquid. We offer a variety of Standard single level float switches (vertical and horizontal liquid level), Custom multi liquid level switches, Field assembled switches, and Specialty sensors (high temperature, viscosity and/or turbulence). These switches are available in different types of materials. No matter the type of liquid, our engineers are capable of giving you exactly what you need.

Liquid level indicators

These give you the exact level of liquid on easy-to-read displays. Complex ultrasonic, pressure and float switch mechanism are applied in these sensors. The display also tells if the tank is full or empty, and there are options for alarms if the liquid level is dangerously high or low. The Mechanical (LLTM) series which use a tape measure are ideal for portable storage tanks in remote areas with no electricity. The Continuous Level (CLM) series use a digital panel meter to signal the exact level, even at a one-quarter-inch level change, and are best for very precise liquid level indication. The Multi Point (LKI) series have bright LED full-to-empty indication, and work perfectly for storage tanks and totes. The Ultrasonic (ULS) series can measure lengths up to thirty feet, can also be used for solids, and are therefore excellent for tank farms and other outdoor storage tanks.

Temperature sensors

Our Thermowell sensors can fit into tanks of any size; indicating the exact temperature of the liquid. The Temperature level float switches incorporate temperature sensing and liquid level detection in one device. Both devices also warn you in case temperature is too high or too low.

Alarms and Accessories

Our wide varieties of audible and visual Alarms are used in tanks to clearly warn of high or low liquid levels. Wall mountable and of different voltages, they can be custom made to fit your need. We also offer Relays which control and take the load off pumps, valves and alarms; maintaining and controlling liquid levels by filling and draining if need be. Our Junction boxes give you a perfect place to connect the wires while keeping them protected from environmental influence. They have standard process openings, and are approved for hazard-prone locations. Our digital panel meters and displays are applicable in any kind of sensor or float switch; giving an exact numerical value of the liquid level in your tank. We also offer all kinds of raw materials, tube, fittings, floats, and any other component you might need in a liquid level indicator. If you need to replace or repair anything, we’ve got you covered.

Our Assurance: For over 25 years, our qualified and experienced engineering and sales staff have worked with clients from diverse industries. Quality customer-oriented service is our trademark. Visit us today, and get exactly what you need.